Satellite Communication

Pre-Requisite : EC302
Contact Hours and Credits : ( 3 -0- 0 ) 3

Objective : 

To introduce various aspects in the design of systems for satellite communication.

Topics Covered :

Elements of orbital mechanics. Equations of motion. Tracking and orbit determination. Orbital correction/control. Satellite launch systems. Multistage rocket launchers and their performance.

Elements of communication satellite design. Spacecraft subsystems. Reliability considerations. Spacecraft integration.

Multiple access techniques. FDMA,TDMA,CDMA. Random access techniques. Satellite onboard processing.

Satellite link design: Performance requirements and standards. Design of satellite links – DOMSAT, INSAT, INTELSAT and INMARSAT. Satellite -  based personal communication.

Earth station design. Configurations. Antenna and tracking systems. Satellite broadcasting.

Course Outcomes :

The students will be:

  • CO1:  Able to learn the dynamics of the satellite.
  • CO2: Able to understand the communication satellite design.
  • CO3: Able to understand how analog and digital technologies are used for satellite communication networks.
  • CO4: Able to learn the design of satellite links.
  • CO5: Able to study the design of Earth station and tracking of the satellites. 

Text Books:

  • D. Roddy, Satellite Communication (4/e), McGraw- Hill, 2009.
  • T. Pratt & C.W. Bostain, Satellite Communication, Wiley 2000.

Reference Book:

  • B.N. Agrawal, Design of Geosynchrons Spacecraft, Prentice- Hall,1986.