Microwave Integrated Circuit Design

Pre-Requisite : EC306
Contact Hours and Credits : ( 3 -0- 0 ) 3

Objective : 

To impart knowledge on basics of microwave electron beam devices and their applications in X band frequency.

Topics Covered :

Design and realization  of power dividers, hybrids, directional couplers etc using strip lines and microstrip lines.

Filter design; Kuroda identities. K and J inverters. Filter transformations. Realization using strip lines and microstrip lines.

Transistor amplifiers; Power gain equations. Stability considerations. Analysis. Design using MICs.

Transistor oscillators. Active devices for microwave oscillators. Three port S parameter characterization of transistors. Oscillation and stability conditions.

Diode mixers. Mixer design. Single ended mixer. Balanced mixer. Image rejection mixer. Phase shifter design. PIN diode. Phase shifter.

Course Outcomes:

  • CO1: At the end of the course students should be able to analyze different linear beam and cross beam devices and their potential applications.
  • CO2: They are also expected to be familiar with the microwave solid state devices and their role in MICs, MMICs and RF- MEMS.

Text Books:

  • I.J. Bahl & Bhartia, Micrwave Solid State Circuit Design, Wiley, 1987.
  • G.D. Vendelin, Design of Amplifiers and Oscillators by the S Parameter Method, Wiley, 1982.

Reference Books:

  • T.C. Edwards, Foundations for Microstrip Circuit Design (2/e), Wiley, 1992.