Image Processing

Pre-Requisite: EC201
Contact Hours and Credits : ( 3 -0- 0 ) 3

Objective : 

To treat the 2D systems as an extension of 1D system design and discuss techniques specific to 2D systems.

Topics Covered :

Linearity and  space-invariance.  PSF, Discrete images and image transforms,  2-D   sampling and reconstruction, Image  quantization, 2-D  transforms and properties.

Image   enhancement- Histogram  modelling, equalization   and    modification.   Image  smoothing , Image crispening.   Spatial filtering, Replication and zooming, Generalized cepstrum and homo morphic filtering.

Image restoration- image observation models. Inverse and Wiener   filtering.    Filtering using image transforms. Constrained least-squares restoration. Generalized inverse,   SVD    and  interactive methods.   Recursive filtering. Maximum  entropy   restoration. Bayesian methods.

Image data compression-sub sampling,    Coarse quantization and frame repetition. Pixel coding  - PCM,   entropy   coding,    run length   coding   Bit-plane  coding.  Predictive coding. Transform coding of images. Hybrid coding and vector DPCM. Inter frame hybrid coding.

Image analysis- applications, Spatial and transform features.  Edge detection,   boundary   extraction,  AR  models and region representation.  Moments  as features. Image structure. Morphological operations and   transforms. Texture. Scene  matching and detection.    Segmentation and  classification

Course Outcomes :

Students are able to

  • CO1: Analyze the need for image transforms, types and their properties.
  • CO2: Become skilled at different techniques employed for the enhancement of images both in spatial and frequency domain.
  • CO3: Explore causes for image degradation and to teach various restoration techniques.
  • CO4: Evaluate the image compression techniques in spatial and frequency domain.
  • CO5: Eain knowledge of feature extraction techniques for image analysis and recognition.   

Text Books:

  • A.K. Jain, Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing ,  PHI, 1995.
  • R.C.Gonzalez & R.E. Woods; Digital Image Processing, (2/e), Pearson, 2002.

Reference Books:

  • J.C. Russ, The Image Processing Handbook, (5/e), CRC, 2006
  • E.S. Gopi, 'Digital Image processing using Matlab', Scitech publications, 2006.