Networks and Protocols

Pre-Requisite : None
Contact Hours and Credits : ( 3 -0- 0 ) 3


  • To get an understanding on the fundamentals of networks and issues involved.
  • To acquire an understanding on the set of rules and procedures that mediates the exchange of information between communicating devices.

Topics Covered :

Network Components, Topologies, Cabling, Types of Network, OSI Model, TCP/IP Protocol stack, Physical Layer: Ethernet, FCOE, DHCP, FTP, SNMP, POP, SMTP, HTTP, DNS, Socket programming with TCP and UDP.

Transport Layer services, SCTP, TCP/UDP transport, Principles of reliable data transfer, Principles of congestion control, DCCP.

Network Layer services, Datagram and Virtual circuit service, Routing principles, CLNP, EGP, EIGRP, ICMP, IGRPP, IPV4, IPV6, RIP.

Data Link Layer services, Overview of Circuit and Packet switches , Comparison of OSI and Internet protocol stacks, ARP, RARP, FDDI, Frame Relay, HDLC, L2F, PPP, STP, Comparison wired and wireless LAN.

Network security threats, Types of Firewall, Cryptography, Network layer security, IPsec, TLS, SSL, SSH, Streaming stored video and audio, Internet phone, RTP, Network Troubleshooting.

Course Outcomes:

Students are able to

  • CO1: Compare and examine, OSI and TCP/IP protocol stacks
  • CO2: Categorize services offered by all layers in TCP/IP protocol stack
  • CO3: Analyze a network under congestion and propose solutions for reliable data transfer
  • CO4: Examine the protocols operating at different layers of TCP/IP model
  • CO5: Assess the cryptographic techniques.
  • CO5: Manage a network and propose solutions under network security threats.

Text Books:

  • J.F. Kurose & K.W. Ross, Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach featuring the Internet, (5/e) Pearson, 2010.
  • Behrouz A. Forouzan, Data Communications & Networking, (4/e), Tata McGraw- Hill, 2007.

Reference Books:

  • W. Stallings, Data & Computer Communications, (9/e), PHI, 2011.
  • W. Stallings, Cryptography & Network Security, (5/e), Pearson, 2011.
  • Mansfield & Antonakos, An Introduction to Computer Networking, PHI, 2002.