The Electronics and Communication Engineering department has been offering an undergraduate course since 1968. In 1976 the course was diversified with emphasis on Solid-State Electronics, Digital and Switching Circuits, Information Theory, Space Communication, and other relevant subjects. This program was granted autonomy from the academic year 1986-1987.

The focus of the B.Tech Degree Program is on Mobile Communications. The curriculum is so designed as to give adequate emphasis on the digital processing of information for efficient communication over noisy channels. In tune with the above objective, the program includes courses like Statistical Theory of Communication, Microwave and Optical Communication, Computer Networks, DSP architecture and Systems, Communication Electronics Circuits, Photonic Devices and Systems, Design of Cognitive Radio, Data Structures and Algorithms, giving a balanced coverage of theory and practical modern communication engineering & embedded systems.

The core program is supplemented and further reinforced by a well-chosen set of elective courses permitting the students to specialize either in the software or the hardware aspect of communication systems. The curriculum also includes courses on Industrial Economics and Business Management.