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The ECE Association was the conception of Dr. A.L. Abdulsattar (former HOD) in March 1992 seeded with the idea of organizing a national level technical symposium which would be the first of its kind in the college.

Since its conception in 1992, the ECE Association has played the vital role of being the much needed bridge between the students and industry level research and development.

The Association organizes several events throughout the academic year like guest lectures, competitions, field trips, tech talks and most importantly PROBE, one of the largest department symposiums in India.

PROBE has played host to several industry giants such as Atmel, National Instruments, CISCO, Cypress Semiconductors, Intel, Schneider Electric and Texas Instruments through workshops and technical talks at the NIT, Trichy campus. With active participation from students in and around the region and recently with international level participation, PROBE has escalated to being a series of events held throughout the year.

The Association works with the following objectives:

  • All students of the Department of ECE, NIT Trichy are given default membership
  • To provide for all supportive co-curricular training required by students to enhance their curricular performance and keep them updated with recent trends in industry
  • To work towards bridging the distance between the textbook syllabi taught and the practical application in industry
  • To groom and nurture the qualities of teamwork, leadership, mutual understanding and co-existence and to provide exposure to public and executive communication
  • To motivate continued inspiration of the students towards core research in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering

The ECE Association maintains 3 websites for its members, symposium and national connectivity respectively.

The association has currently taken up the initiative to connect the students in all other sister NITs on a single online platform with active participation from industry and academic researchers

  • Office bearers


V Devesh Chairman
V T Nishant Overall Coordinator (Boys)
Talagampala Sree Rashmika Overall Coordinator (Girls)
Surya Pranay Teja​ Treasurer
Harishwar Reddy Organising Head
Ajith Kumar S R​ Marketing Head
Meenatchi L S​ Marketing Head
Ajay Bhardwaj S​ Publicity Head
M Nivesh​ Publicity Head
Reddy Vishwas​ Workshops Head
Mukesh Gandhi​ Workshops Head
Purushothaman P​ Events Head
Kiran Raj Karthi S​ Events Head
Srihari S​ Content Head
Pritam Mishra Content Head
Harish Raj D R​ Design Head
Vivek Raveendran​ Web Operations Head
Ravi Teja Ch​ittela PR and Hospitality Head
Pawan Kalyan​ PR and Hospitality Head
Menaka G​ PR and Hospitality Head
S Srivaradharajan​ Guest Lectures Head
Koppera Vasundhara​ Ambience Head
Bombay Pranathi Social Responsibilites Head
Siddarth Sree Ram R​ Quality Assurance Head
Bhuvanesh M​ Quality Assurance Head
D Akhil​ General Secretary
Girish V B​ General Secretary


  • Activities conducted by the ECE Association 2019-2020:


​1.  Welcoming first years: The academic session kicked off by welcoming the first years to the department as a part of their orientation programme. The ECE Association, being firm believers of collaboration and unity stepped out to give the freshmen an overview into their upcoming four years in the department. A brief session was held to discuss the grading system, internships and placement opportunities, the annual department symposium ‘Probe’, and the department’s achievement in NITTfest and Sportsfete. The session concluded with high spirits and optimism from the freshmen.

2.  Inauguration: The ECE Association 2019-’20 was inaugurated by Dr Surendra Pal, Ex-Vice Chancellor DIAT Pune and Deputy Director, Digital & Communications Area, ISRO Satellite Center. The event held on 28th August congratulated the office bearers for the upcoming year and was then followed by a guest lecture by Dr Surendra Pal on the Moon mission Chandrayaan. HoD Dr G Lakshminarayanan, Senior Professors of the Department Dr S Raghavan and Dr B Venkataramani, Faculty Advisor, ECEA, Dr R. Pandeeswari, Faculty Treasurer, ECEA, Prof. R Thilagavathy and other dignitaries graced the occasion with their presence.

3.  Sportsfete: The annual inter-departmental sports fest of NITT, witnessed the ECE department head onto the field to prove its mettle in the field of sports. The ECE Association worked tirelessly to inspire teamwork and cooperation within the department. The days of the fest were marked with enthusiastic participation and brought laurels to the department in various events such as chess, basketball, kabaddi and more.

4.  Event for first years: ‘Quizzardo’ was the quizzing event hosted exclusively for first years on topics ranging from science and technology to books and cartoons. Nearly 40 teams competed eagerly in this event conducted by the ECE Association and the Balls by Picasso team of NITT.

5.  Social Responsibility event: The ECE Association celebrated Children’s Day 2019 by reaching out and spreading joy amongst the children of the REC Middle school, Thuvakudi. Students from first to eighth grade participated in drawing, singing and dancing competitions and various games as a part of this event which aimed at interacting with the children who will become the leaders and innovators of the future.


  • Technical symposium PROBE


“You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will”
quoted George Bernard Shaw.

Engineering has been the natural form of expression for creators over the past century, breathing life and inspiration into the human race. Different streams of Engineering have manipulated available resources to a level where coming up with innovations and ideas has indeed become a challenge. To defy convention, to change age old perceptions, to capture the pulse of today’s crowd that generally has the memory of a goldfish a new breed of engineers that can think out of the widely quoted “box” is required.  This has been the crux of Probe – the genre defining symposium conducted by the Electronics and Communication department of NIT Trichy.  Probe is much more than the ouvre of diverse workshops, myriad challenging events and illuminating guest lectures. Over the years it has gobbled milestones to emerge as a living breathing testimony of the spirit and creativity of an Electronics Engineer.

PROBE had its modest beginnings in 2005 as a way for the electronics buffs all over the country to exchange ideas and has now grown into a techathlon that boasts participation from not only Indian students but also those in the Gulf, Singapore, Japan, Europe to name a few.

PROBE’s hospitality, known for making participants who visit the college at this occasion feel at home has also matured into providing a much more multi pronged approach where the focus has been to provide a wholesome learning and living experience even if it spans only two days. With a mileu of activities and workshops guaranteed to provide a life changing experience to those seeking to find their inner engineers or just be that golden achievement to those seeking to add glitter to their resume with a participation in Probe’s industry oriented workshops from Atmel, Cisco, National Instruments, Cypress Semiconductors, Intel and Schneider Electric.

PROBE has witnessed several dignitaries from the field of Research such as Mrs. Anuradha (Project leader of ISRO) and Mr.Manickavasagam(Head of Weapons Division DRDL), Dr.V.Natarajan, Joint Director of Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory, Defense Research and Development Organization, Cochin
And of course-the events provide the icing on the cake with an eclectic mix of challenging, creative and plain old nerve wracking tasks right from the Online Technical Challenge, Bulls Eye to a Circuit building skill test in Embedtronix and to Probe’s newest brainchild-Electrogyan. There is also room for young innovators in Great Ideas Challenge which is a paper presentation event judged by a panel from leading industries and researchers. Additionally, there are also events for MATLAB coders and quizomaniacs in the form of MATRIX and PROBE Quiz.

PROBE is an ideal opportunity for visionaries to manifest and revel in the dreams that they have been brewing whilst doodling in soporific lectures, daydreaming on lazy afternoons or slaving over the drawing board.




Probe ‘19, the 27th edition of NIT Trichy's oldest and biggest department symposium held on 2nd and 3rd of February 2019 provided a one of a kind platform for inspiring creativity and innovation in the minds of many budding electronics engineers. A total of 7 workshops on a multitude of topics like Antenna Design and Testing, Embedded System Design and more served to enrich the technical capabilities of aspiring engineers. The various competitions conducted by the symposium tested their skills in fields ranging from circuit building though ‘Embedtronix’ to problem solving and MATLAB coding in ‘Matrix’. This edition of Probe, in association with Qualcomm also brought forth to the arena two tech talks on ‘Evolution of Memory’ by Samsung and ‘High Efficiency Wifi Techhnology’ by Qualcomm. In addition to this, the guest lecture by the chief guest Padma Shri A S Kiran Kumar, the former Chairman of ISRO and man behind the myriad of success stories of the Indian Space Industry, perfectly complemented the symposium’s aim of enabling students to visualize their curriculum and knowledge as the building blocks of the future of the electronics and communications industry.




The 26th edition of Probe, the international annual technical symposium of the Electronics and Communication Engineering Association of NIT Trichy was conducted on 3rd and 4th of February 2018. The symposium provided a stage for learning and creating for both experienced and young innovators. 6 workshops were conducted on various topics such as IOT System Design, Smart Grid Automation and more. The symposium also hosted competitions such as Probe It and Make-a-thon in association with Texas Instruments, a pioneer company in semiconductor and signal processing technologies. The guest lecture by the chief guest of Probe ‘18, Shri Upendra Kumar Singh, Director, DEBEL, DRDO on the application of engineering in the Indian Defence industry, enlightened the audience on the achievements and challenges faced by the industry, deepening the knowledge and understanding of all those present.




Activities conducted in National Level Technical Symposium every year during PROBE.


PROBE Activities
    2019 Workshop on Character Recognition using Machine Learning Techniques
Workshop on PROBOT- Building an Obstacle Avoiding Bot
Workshop on Data Aquisition Systems using LabVIEW by National Instruments
Workshop on IOT Training PsoC 4 
Workshop on Embedded System Design using CC3200
Workshop on Antenna Design and Testing by Entuple Technologies
Workshop on System on Chip on Atheros ATH 10k
Bull’s Eye- Online Cryptic Event
Matrix- Programming contest using MATLAB
Embedtronix- Circuit Design event
Probe Quiz
Probe It
Paper Presentation
                                  2018 Workshop on face recognition by using deep learning
Workshop on PRO-BOT
Workshop on PsoC4
Workshop on IOT System Design using CC3200
Workshop on Embedded System Design using MSP430
Workshop on Smart Grid Automation by Robokart
Embedtronix- Circuit Design event
Matrix- Programming contest using MATLAB
Probe Quiz
Probe It
Bull’s Eye
Paper Presentation






Cypress - Programming the PSoC
Infysec - Cyber Security in the IoT era
Mathworks - MATLAB & Simulink for project based learning using LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robots.
Intel - Galileo board
National Instruments - Introduction to LabVIEW( Data Acquisition and Processing in Labview) 
National Instruments - IoT Ready System ( Embedded System Design)
Technophilia - Insight to IoT, Sixth Sense




ARM workshop: 2days’ workshop on basics of Embedded systems, ARM(free scale of freedom board) by Li2 Innovationcompany  
Nvidia workshop: 2 days’ workshop on Nvidia CUDA 5.0,Parallel computing platform.
CISCO workshop: 1 day workshop on Basics of networking and networking solutions.
TI (Texas Instruments) workshop: hands-on workshop on Hercules MCU Launchpad, a safety processor used in industrial safety applications.
Cypress workshop: 1 day workshop on PSOC (Programmable system on chip) usage.
Agilent workshop: 1day workshop on ADS- software for RF, U wave component design.
Telelabs workshop: 1day workshop on 2G, 3G, 4G wireless technologies.
CST workshop: 1 day workshop on CST design studio- software for modeling Microwave, RF antennas and systems by computer simulation technology.
Workshop by Anritsu: use of Anritsu solutions for hand held wireless devices.
Workshop by Synopsis: AMS (Analog & mixed system verification) – design and verification of circuits.




Battle of Bots to Verilog design contest 
Know –it-at-the-right- time –Technical Quiz
BULL’s EYE, on line treasure hunt
MATRIX , a goldmine for MATLAB codes
DSP Design Contest 
Circuit Debugging


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