Dr. Murali krishna

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Designation: Assistant Professor  
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Email (Primary): mkr@nitt.edu Email (Secondary) : muyalkrishna@gmail.com
Field(s) of Specialization:
Energy Harvesting, Ultra Low Power circuit design, Analog IC design, Mixed Signal IC design,

Employment Profile

Job Title Employer From To
Assistant Professor National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli November 2022 Till Date
Senior Design Engineer Synopsys Inc. October 2020 October 2022
Embedded Software Engineer Delphi Automotives August 2013 July 2014


(A) Refereed Research Journals:

Author(s) Title of Paper Journal Volume (No.) Page numbers Year Impact Factor of the Journal (Optional)
Priya Venugopal;Murali K. Rajendran;Gajendranath Chowdary A Constant-Energy-Packet-Extraction-Based MPPT Technique With 98% Average Extraction Efficiency for Wide Range Generic Ambient Energy Scavenging Supporting 1000 × Source Resistance Range IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits Volume: 57,Issue: 10, October 2022 3150- 3163 2022 6.12

Priya V;MuraliKRajendran;Shourya Kansal;Gajendranath Chowdary;Ashudeb Dutta
A Human Body Heat Driven High Throughput Thermal Energy Harvesting Single Stage Regulator for Wearable Biomedical IoT Nodes IEEE Internet of Things Journal Volume: 5,Issue: 6, December 2018 4989- 5001 2018 10.238

MuraliK.Rajendran;V. Priya;Shourya Kansal;Gajendranath Chowdary;Ashudeb Dutta
A 100-mV–2.5-V Burst Mode Constant on-Time- Controlled Battery Charger With 92% Peak Efficiency and Integrated FOCV Technique IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems Volume: 27,Issue: 2, February 2019 430- 443 2019 2.775

Pankaj Kumar Jha;MuraliKrishnaRajendran;Prakash Kumar Lenka;Amit Acharyya;Ashudeb Dutta
A Fully Analog Autonomous QRS Complex Detection and Low-Complexity Asystole, Extreme Bradycardia, and Tachycardia Classification System IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement Volume: 71 4009813 2022 5.332

(B) Conferences/Workshops/Symposia Proceedings

Author(s) Title of Abstract/ Paper Title of the Proceedings Page numbers Conference Theme Venue Year
MuraliK.Rajendran;Shourya Kansal;Ajay Mantha;V. Priya;Y. B. Priyamvada;Ashudeb Dutta Automated environment aware nW FOCV — MPPT controller for self-powered IoT applications IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) 4 IEEE-ISCAS Montreal, QC, Canada 2016
V. Priya;Murali. K. Rajendran;Shourya Kansal;Ashudeb Dutta A 11mV single stage thermal energy harvesting regulator with effective control scheme for extended peak load International SoC Design Conference (ISOCC) 2 IEEE Jeju, Korea (South) 2016
Sumit Naikwad;Murali K. Rajendran;Priya Sunil;Ashudeb Dutta A Single Inductor, Single Input Dual Output (SIDO) Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System International Conference on VLSI Design and Embedded Systems (VLSID) 6 IEEE Hyderabad, India 2017
R P Kartheek;Akash Gupta;Murali K. Rajendran;Ashudeb Dutta An illumination aware single solar-cell VCO CCO based charge-pump energy harvesting system for SoC integration Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems (APCCAS) 4 IEEE Jeju, Korea (South) 2017
MuraliK.Rajendran;V. Priya;Shourya Kansal;Gajendranath Chowdhary;Ashudeb Dutta A 100-mV–2.5-V Burst Mode Constant on-Time-Controlled Battery Charger with 92% Peak Efficiency and Integrated FOCV Technique IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) 1 IEEE-ISCAS Seville, Spain 2020