Training Courses Attended

  1. Training program on ‘Practical Aspects of Computer Networking’ at Department of CSE, NIT, Trichy, March 2009.       
  2. Training Program on ‘Computer Networking-Hardware and Software’ at Department of CSE, NIT, Trichy, February 2009.       
  3. 2nd International Workshop on ‘Interconnect Design and Variability’ at VLSI Society of India, Bangalore, December 2007.
  4. Vendor’s Workshop on ‘Signal Processing System’ Automation’ at Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras, Chennai, March 2007.
  5. Training course on ‘Analysis of Network Protocols and Design of Network Processor’ at Department of CSE, NIT, Trichy, February 2007.
  6. Pre-Conference Tutorial on ‘Embedded System on Chip’ at International Conference TIMA 2007, NIT, Trichy-15, January 2007.
  7. Workshop on ‘VLSI Implementation of Digital Radio Transceivers’ Department of ECE, NIT, Trichy, December 2006.
  8. Training programme on ‘Multi-Core Programming for Academia’ at Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, December 2006.
  9. Workshop on ‘Designing Systems on Programmable Chip (SOPC)’ at Department of ECE, NIT, Trichy, December 2005.
  10. Workshop on ‘Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)’ at Department of ICE, NIT, Trichy, August 2005.
  11. Training course on ‘Advanced aspects of VLSI Design Automation’ at Department of Computer Science, IIT Madras, Chennai, September 2004.
  12. Training course on ‘Digital VLSI Front end Design’, at Department of Computer Science, IIT Madras, Chennai, September 2004.
  13. Training course on ‘Architecture, Programming and Applications of Digital Signal Processors’ at Department of ECE, REC, Trichy, December, 2002.
  14. Instruction enhancement programme on ‘Designing with Digital Signal Processing’ at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, September 1998.
  15. Training course on ‘CP525/526 Communication Processors’ at Siemens Advanced Training Institute, Mumbai, July 1996.

Conference Attended

  1. 1st International conference on Microelectronics Circuits and Systems (MICRO-2014), July 2014, Kolkata.
  2. International conference on Signal Processing, Communication, Computing and Networking Technologies (ICSCCN 2011) at Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education, Nager coil, July 2011.
  3. 15th VLSI Design Test Symposium (VDAT – 2011) at Wipro Technologies, Pune, July 2011.
  4. International Conference on Recent Advancements in Electrical Sciences (ICRAES 2010), at  K.S.R. College of Engineering, Tiruchengode, January 2010.
  5. International Conference on Optoelectronics, Information and Communication Technologies (ICOICT 2009), Trivandrum, February 2009.
  6. IEEE Region 10 International conference (TENCON 2008), at Hyderabad, November 2008.