Research Projects

  1. Design and development of 14-bit 10 MSPS 50mW SAR ADC – Co-PI, ISRO, RESPOND project, 2019-2021, Rs. 20.44 Lakhs.
  2. Wireless Transceiver for Low data rate applications – Coordinator, Institute project, SMDP-Chip to system Design (C2SD) funded by Deity, New Delhi, 2015-2020.
  3. Design and implementation of baseband modules for wireless sensor networks- Co-PI, Broadcom Foundation, USA, 2015-2017, Rs. 3.2 Lakhs.
  4. Design and implementation of Low power analog front end modules for wireless sensor networks- CoPI, Deity, New Delhi, 2012-2015, Rs. 39 Lakhs.
  5. "Modernization of Signal Processing Laboratory" - Project coordinator for MODROB project 2003-2005 – Rs. 10 Lakhs