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Published By SPIE

E.S.Gopi,"A Novel approach to transformed biometrics",second international conference on digital image processing during 26-28 Feb 2010,singapore.

Published By IEEE

Other International Conferences

  • Arnab chakraborty, E.S.Gopi,“A Novel approach to transformed biometrics using sub-block based successive projections”,ICFOCS 2011, National science seminar complex,Indian Institute of science,Banglore,7th to 9th August 2011. ISBN No:978-81-921929-0-1
  • E.S.Gopi, PriyaSankaralingam, Vibha Viswanathan,Sowmya Ramakumar,"Performance Comparison of Assumed Traditional search approach method with ANN-IGA Based search method for Audio and Image data" ICIS-2005, Universiti Teknolgi Petronas, Malaysia.
  • E.S.Gopi,C.Deepa Reddy,S.V.Sivasankari,S.Sundarraj,M.Vijay,"Video Shot Classification using clustering based Artificial Neural Network"-International Conference Human-Computer Interface (ICHMI 2004) 20-23 December 2004 at Tata Auditorium, Bangalore, India
  • E.S.Gopi, R.Ezhilarasi, V.Vidya, R.Ramya,"Audio Watermarking for voice mail using wavelet transformation" at International conference on Number Theory for Secure Communication held at Sastra, Deemed university, Kumbakonam, December, 20-21, 2003
  • E.S.Gopi, N.Venkateswaran, L.Sujatha,"Fuzzy based watermarking using wavelet decomposition", Paper No.9 Proceedings of International Conference on Digital Aided Modeling and Simulation, (An evolutionary approach for Optimization) Coimbatore Institute of Technology January 6 to 8,2003

National Conferences

  • E.S.Gopi, E.S.Sathya,"New approach to obtain high level features from low level features for image data"-National Conference on Communications and Informatics (NCCI 2005) 7th and 8th March 2005, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering.
  • E.S.Gopi, M.K.Hemalatha, R.Geetha priya"Neuro-Fuzzy approach to emotion recognition", Proceedings of National Conference on Innovations in information and Communication technology, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, March 7 - 8, 2003
  • E.S.Gopi,"Virtual Height Estimator" , Proceedings of National Conference on Sensors and Instrumentation ,ISS College of Information technology and Engineering for Women, Hyderabad - 500 059 , January 5-6 2002