Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory:

This laboratory is well equipped with Microcontroller trainer kits from Intel and Motorola, ARM boards, POWER PC Reference board, EEPROM Universal Programmer/Eraser. CAD tools like EMU8086, Keil tools for  Microcontrollers, Intelligent Schematic Input System (ISIS) providing the development environment for PROTEUS VSM-the revolutionary interactive system level simulator- are available.

List of Experiments


Sl. No.



Intel 8086 (16 bit Micro Processor)


Study experiment on various Addressing modes of 8086 Microprocessor.


a) Block move.

b) Simple Arithmetic operations.


a) Choosing Smallest/ largest number from an array of binary numbers.

b) Sorting of an array of binary numbers.


a) Code Conversion (Eg. ASCII to Packed BCD form).

b) Addition of an array of BCD numbers stored in packed form.


a) Multiplying two 3x3 matrices.

b) Generation of Prime numbers.


Identification & displaying the activated key using DOS & BIOS function calls.


Intel 8051 ( 8 bit Microcontroller)


Detection of key closure (connected to a port line) by polling technique.


Delay generation using i) Nested loop & ii) Timers.


Toggling the ports and counting the pulses


Counting of external event occurrence through port line.


LCD interfacing.


Generation of different waveforms using DAC (0808).


ADC interfacing.


Mixed-Signal Microcontroller – 16bit – MSP430 series


PWM generation and speed control of Motors using MSP430

Details of the Trainer kits & Software tools in the laboratory:

Intel 8051 based trainer kits (ESA 51E)     

HC(S) 08- 8 bit Microcontroller kit & its development Tool

HC(S) 12- 16 bit Microcontroller kit & its development Tool

ARM processor based reference kit & its development Tool

Power PC reference kit & its development Tool

Keil Software development tool

Proteus VSM (The complete electronic design system)

Emulator 8086 (emu4.02 version)

MSP430 Mixed Signal TI Microcontroller kits

CORTEX ARM processor boards

Healthy Pi Kit (Raspberry Pi + ECG signal acquisition)

Sensors and Accessories

Lab in charge: Dr.R.Thilagavathy

Contact details:

Name             :Dr.R.Thilagavathy

Designation  :Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

National Institute of Technology

Tiruchirappalli – 620 015, Tamil Nadu

Phone : + 91 431 250 3313

Mail Id : thilagavathy@nitt.edu