Continuing Education Programme

Continuing Education Programme:                            


Module Description Any Other Contributory Institute/Industry Developed/Organized By Duration Resource Persons Target Audience Usage and Citation,etc
Two days’ Workshop on “CAD OF MICROWAVES TEQIP Dr. S. Raghavan 27th to 28thJuly 2013 Dr. S. Raghavan & NIT Faculties Faculty & PG students  
Three days’ Workshop on TELE MEDICINE TEQIP Dr. S. Raghavan 12th to 14thJuly 2013 Dr. S. Raghavan & Doctors from various Faculty & PG students  
One day seminar onPattern Analysis and Biologically inspiredalgorithms TEQIP Dr. E.S.Gopi 11th May 2012 Dr. E.S.Gopi UG  
One day International Seminar on “ Rapid PCB prototyping” Bergen Associates & LBKF laser and Electronics, New Delhi Dr.D.Sriram Kumar 20th Feb 2012 Bergen Associates & LBKF laser and Electronics, New Delhi UG  
Research & Methods NIT Dr. D. Sriramkumar 5th to 6th Aug 2011 Dr.N.Sundara rajan  ( NTU, Singapore) Dr.V.Subra manian (IITM) Dr.M.Chidambaram (IITM) Dr.G.Kulanthaivel Research Scholars Kothari& course material
Recent trends in MIC AICTE­MHRD Dr.S.Raghavan,   Dr.D.Sriram Kumar,   Dr.Tiruvalar selvan 13th to 17th Oct 2010 Dr.S.Raghavan, Dr. Alphonse Aroniasamy NTU, Singapore, Dr.S.S.Pattnaik NITTTR , Chandigarh and Dr.PH RAO, SAMEER Faculty, UG/PG, Research Scholars “Stipline like transmission line for MICs”­ BharatiBhat and SibanK.Koul and   CDs
EC632 ­ Analysis and Design of Planar   Transmission Lines   Dr.S.Raghavan     UG/PG,  
  EC634 ­ Electromagnetic Metamaterials       Dr.S.Raghavan       UG/PG  
Two weeks workshop on "Signals and systems"   MHRD Dr. P. Palanisamy   Jan 2­12, 2014   Faculties from IIT, Kharagpur and IIT, Bombay   Faculty, PG, Research Scholars  
A FDP for 2 weeks on Entrepreneurship Development and Management   Dr. G. Lakshmi Narayanan   5.05.2014 to 17.05.2014   Dr. G. Lakshmi Narayanan   Faculty, UG/PG, Research Scholars  
Advances in cognitive radio and its hardware implementation   UKERI Dr. G. Lakshmi Narayanan   23.12.2014& 24.12.2014   Dr. Mathini sellathurai, Dr. T Ratnarajah, Heriot-Watt University, UK Faculty, UG/PG, Research Scholars  
Economics of Information and Internet Economics-Impact of Communication Technology of Economics   Dr. P. Palanisamy   8.01.2015 to 10.01.2015 Dr. P. Palanisamy   Faculty, UG/PG, Research Scholars  
Design, Simulation and Research Application of Advanced wireless standards Using Keysight technologies EEsof Keysight Technology Dr. P. Muthu Chidambaranathan Dr.G. Lakshmi Narayanan 23.07.2015 to 25.07.2015 Dr. P. Muthu Chidambaranathan Dr.G. Lakshmi Narayanan Faculty, UG/PG, Research Scholars