Quality Policy and Objectives

Quality Policy

“Excel in carrying out the testing of the samples using precise instruments, customer’s specified methodology, competent technicians and delivering the results on time.”

Quality policy of a DEE is bound to provide services to the customer’s with full commitment. It works to fulfill requirements of customer’s and to improve the effectiveness of the QMS. Management continuously conducts review to check weather working methodologies, available instruments and technician quality is competent enough to achieve timely bound accurate results.

Quality Objectives

  • To complete the sample testing within 15 working days.
  • To ensure that each identified instrument used for testing has valid calibration, for every sample tested.
  • To use analytical standards which are traceable to certified reference materials.
  • To provide 2 man days training per year to each technician for upgrading their knowledge.
  • To conduct 2customers training programs per year to promote our lab facilities.
  • To promote quality research applicable for societal improvement.


The Quality objectives are established as to provide the desired requirements of customer’s and to improve the standard of laboratory. Management conducts timely review to ensure the continuing suitability of quality objectives.