List of Instruments

Following instruments are available for testing services–

S.No. Name of Instrument Make/Model Analysis Details In-Charge Specification
1. Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA) Perkin Elmer TGA 4000 Thermal degradation of sample (Solid sample) Dinesh Kumar.S and Sivaram PM Link
2. Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) Perkin Elmer DSC 6000 Material Characterization by Thermal Analysis (Solid sample) Sivaram PM and Prabhat Bhuddha Dev S Link
3. CHNS/O Analyzer Perkin Elmer CHN 2400 Series II Elemental Characterization (Quantification) for solid samples G. Shanthi Link
4. FTIR Spectroscopy Perkin Elmer Spectrum 2 Using Fourier Transform IR Principle Dinesh Kumar.S Link
5. UV Visible Spectrophotometer Merck Spectroquant Pharo 300 Light transmission studies G. Shanthi Link
6. TOC Analyzer Analytik Jena Multi N/C 3100 Quantification of total organic, inorganic carbon for solid & liquid sample Dinesh Kumar.S Link
7. Bomb Calorimeter IKA C5000 Calorific value measurement by thermal analysis Amol Mande and Prabhat Bhuddha Dev S Link
8. Moisture Analyzer Metrohm 870 KF Titrino Plus, 860 KF Thermoprep and 899 Portable Coulometer Measurement of moisture from ppm to percentage for liquid & solid samples Gopi.G and Prabhat Bhuddha Dev S Link
9. UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer Lambda 750 Absorbance/Transmission (Liquid sample) Reflectance (Solid sample) G. Shanthi and Dinesh Kumar.S Link
10. TG-IR Perkin Elmer TGA 8000, TL 8000, and Frontier FTIR FIR Material Characterization by thermal analysis & Spectral analysis for liquid and solid samples Prabhat Bhuddha Dev S and Dinesh Kumar.S Link