International & National Conferences

S.No. Authors Paper Title Journal Name Pages Year
1. S. Dinesh Kumar A Comparative adsorption studies of distillery Effluent on sugarcane bagasse and cocopeat to enhance phycoremediation International conference of sustainable Technology for industrial Waste Hazardous and Bioenergy - 2019
2. K.S. Pragadeesh, D. Ruben Sudhakar Experimental investigation of devolatilisation of Indian coal and biomass in Chemical Looping Combustion Energy and Environment: Global Challenges - 2019
3. Dayana and Bakthavatsalam Biodegradation of Phenolic Effluent of Producer Gas Plant using Scenedesmussp. Indl. Waste Water Treatment IWWATV’15 - 2015
4. P. Selvakumaran
A.K. Bakthavatsalam
Successful operation of large Circulating Fluid Bed Combustion boilers firing High Sulfur Indian Lignite IEEE International Conference on Technological Advancements in Power & Energy con - 2015
5. Sankaran K, Suriya Narayanan G and Premalatha M Enhancing biogas potential of distillery wastewater through phycoremediation. Elsevier Published in conference proceedings 220-223 2014
6. Suriya Narayanan G, Sankaran K and Premalatha M Effect of inoculum concentration of Oscillatoria Sp. in the treatment of distillery wastewater. Elsevier published in conference proceedings 256-259 2014