Energy Storage Materials Laboratory

Research and development in Energy Storage Laboratory focusses on both electrical and thermal energy storage materials and technologies.

The electrical Energy Storage laboratory seeks to develop new technologies that can move beyond lithium-ion batteries, along with basic material research for improved energy storage and low cost. The lab is designed for synthesis and electrochemical evaluation of high performing electrode materials for alkali ion batteries and super-capacitors, design and fabrication of batteries for portable applications, and electrical characterization of batteries.

The thermal energy storage laboratory supports research and development, testing, and evaluation of new thermal energy storage materials and systems. The laboratory is capable of determining the thermos-physical properties, such as phase transition temperature, thermal storage capacity, thermal conductivity etc., that are essential for designing a Thermal Energy Storage system (TES) for real-time energy storage application.

Key Facilities

  • Battery analyzer
  • Hot air Oven
  • Electrode coater
  • Magnetic stirrers and Multispin
  • Microwave oven
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Tubular Furnace
  • Crimping Machine
  • Digital Multi-meter
  • Thermal Conductivity Meter
  • Constant Temperature Bath along with Data Acquisition System


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Faculty in Charge

Dr. Ruben Sudhakar D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Energy and Environment
National Institute of Technology
Tiruchirappalli - 620015
Tamil Nadu, India