Algal Shed

Algal shed is an exclusive place for mass production of different species of microalgae using specially designed reactors. The algal shed is a tunnel shaped, east-west oriented, temperature- uncontrolled greenhouse (curved single span roof with the four vertical side walls). It was made up of number of transparent, twin walled shallow polycarbonate sheets (10mm thick, up to 80% transmissive for lights in visible region) supported by an outlined steel structure, and totally had an area of 120m 2 (12m length, 10m width). Height of the algal shed walls to its gutter was 1.4 m. The facility exists near the DEE's research annexure (10.4537 N, 78. 4848 E). The shed contains different designs of algal cultivation systems ranging from 50litres to 8000litres by volume.

Faculty in Charge

Dr. M. Premalatha
Department of Energy and Environment
National Institute of Technology
Tiruchirappalli - 620015
Tamil Nadu, India