·         Established in 1995 under UK-India RECs project on “Energy Theme”- 12 crores

·         Faculty of Architecture, Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical were trained at different UK Universities.

·         Conducted 2 National Conferences, 1 International Workshop, 40 National Workshops and 2 short term training program.

·         Interdisciplinary Course-M.Tech (Full Time) and Ph.D Energy engineering being offered from 1996 onwards.

·         Awarded 11 numbers of Ph.D on Energy and Environment.

·         NIT-T , India-Auburn University, USA Collaboration case study project for National Science Foundation, USA

·         Sophisticated instrumental facilities.

·         Completed 2 R&D and 2 Thrust Area projects sponsored by MHRD

·         Calibration lab for pressure, temperature and all electrical parameters.

·         Ongoing DST sponsored Projecton ‘Experimentation of bio fixation of CO2 using efficient photo bioreactor and simulation and development of scale up methods’ from2008 to 2015 and total project cost of Rs. 122 Lakhs.

·         Ongoing DST sponsored Project on ‘High performing electrode materials: Solar Powered Energy Storage Applications’ from 2012 to 2017 and total project cost of

Rs.85 Lakhs.

·         Ongoing Prime Minister's fellowship for doctoral research project sponsored by DST on ‘Microalgae treatment of distillery wastewater’ from 2013 to 2016 and total project cost of Rs. 24 Lakhs.

·         Ongoing DST sponsored Project on ‘Role of Interfacial Viscosity in Myosin - Actin Interactions’ from 2014 to 2019 and total project cost of Rs. 85 Lakhs.