Under the auspices of UK – India RECs Project: Energy Theme, Centre for Energy and Environmental Science And Technology (CEESAT) was established at Regional Engineering College (NIT-T) in 1995. Faculty had undergone training at various UK universities such as University of Salford, UMIST, Demonfort, Sheffield, Reading, Leeds and Building Research Establishment. . Experts from various UK Institutions visited CEESAT frequently, between 1994-1998 to advise on the activities. CEESAT was built using solar passive principles consuming less energy for operating the building. A 7.5 kW PV power plant was installed in 1995 and maintained till now for providing power to the CEESAT Annex building. CEESAT was renamed as Department of Energy and Environment (DEE) in 2014. The time of the department is shared equally between academic, research and consultancy activities. The consultancy activities are operated to generate surpluses without affecting the academic quality. The surpluses available at the end of every year will be ploughed to upgrade the facilities and competencies of the staff. The DEE facilities include the state-of-the art laboratories, equipped with sophisticated instruments and software The ISO9001:2008 Certified labs are established in December 2014 with the objective of testing the research and industrial samples.. The major research activities at DEE include the areas are of bio energy, solar energy, CO2  sequestration using microalgae, phyco remediation, Computational fluid dynamics, wind energy, energy efficient building design, and energy & environmental audit.