Network Programming Laboratory

Credit: 2



  • Create client and server applications using the "Sockets" API and the implementation of Data link layer protocol and TCP layer

  • Ability to conduct computer communication network simulations. Development of computer network simulation and modeling techniques using OPNET simulation software.




  1. Exercises on Socket Programming using C and Java

  2. Exercises using OPNET Network Simulator

    1. Setting up of various network topologies

    2. Implementation of various MAC protocols

    3. Measurement of routing protocols

    4. Analysis of TCP/IP protocol under various mechanisms

    5. Setting up of network that carries various application protocols and analyzing the performances

  3. Creation of XML documents and verification using DTDs and Schemas.

  4. Transformation of XML documents to XHTML documents for presentation using XSL.

  5. Development and deployment of Web Services using Dot Net and J2EE technologies.

  6. Composition of Web services using BPEL.



  • Understanding of the working principle of Socket programming

  • Familiarization with the OPNET toolkit



  1. UNIX Network Programming – Networking APIs: Sockets and XTI by W. Richard Stevens, Volume 1, 2nd Edition, 1998, Prentice Hall.

  2. Computer Networks: A Systems Approach – Network Simulation Experiments in OPNET by L. Peterson and S. Davie, 4th Edition, 2008, Elsevier.