Computer Graphics and Image Processing

Credit: 3


  • To understand basic algorithms for computer graphics and image processing.

  • To understand various filters, Point processing, and Arithmetic operations in image processing.

  • To understand different applications of graphics and image processing.



Graphics Systems and Graphical User Interface: Pixel, Resolution, Video display devices - Types – Graphical devices – Direct screen interaction – Logical input function –GKS. User dialogue – Interactive picture construction techniques.



Geometric Display Primitives and Attributes: Geometric display primitives: Points, Lines and Polygons. Point display method – Line drawing: DDA 2D Transformations and Viewing: Transformations - types – matrix representation – Concatenation - Scaling, Rotation, Translation, Shearing, Mirroring. Homogeneous coordinates – Window to view port transformations. Windowing and Clipping: Point, Lines, Polygons - boundary intersection methods.



Digital Image Fundamentals: Image Formation and types – Basic geometric transformations – Fourier Transforms – Walsh – Hadamard – Discrete Cosine – Hotelling Transforms.



Image Enhancement and Restoration: Histogram Modification Techniques – Image Smoothening – Image Sharpening – Image Restoration – Degradation Model – Noise Models – Spatial Filtering – Frequency Domain Filtering.



Image Segmentation and Recognition: Detection of Discontinuities – Edge Linking and Boundary Detection – Thresholding – Region Based Segmentation – Morphology operations. Pattern classification - Clustering and Matching - Knowledge representation and use for scene analysis and image understanding (2D and 3D) - Object recognition and identification – Case study of various applications.



Students are able to develop software tools such as

  • Games, Animation, and Recognition system


Text Book

  1. Donald Hearn & M. Pauline Baker , and warren R. Carithers, “Computer Graphics”, Prentice-Hall of India, Fourth edition 2011. (UNIT I & II)

  2. Rafael C. Gonzalez, Richard E. Woods, “Digital Image Processing”, Pearson Education, Third edition, 2011. (UNIT III, IV &V)


Reference Books

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