M.Tech. (Environmental Engineering)

Environmental engineering is the branch of engineering that is concerned with protecting the environment from the potentially deleterious effects of human activity, protecting human beings from the effects of adverse environmental factors and improving environmental quality for human health and well being. The objective of the course in environmental engineering is to graduate professional engineers with leadership qualities in engineering aspects of land and water management and environmental assessment, and skills in water supply, wastewater treatment, land reclamation and solute transport. Such engineers should be able to converse scientifically with biologists, ecologists and resource managers, have analytical, synthesis and numerical skills, and have experience in computing, field and laboratory techniques relating to natural resources. With these skills, graduates will be able to play a leading role in developing engineering solutions to a wide range of problems and opportunities within an ecologically sustainable context. The course has been designed to meet the requirements of industry, consultancy services, academic and R & D organizations related to Environmental Management, treatment of effluents, control of emissions and remediation of contaminated environment. The programme provides ample choice of electives to enable students to develop deeper in to various aspects related to this discipline, i.e. Environmental Monitoring and Modeling, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environment Biotechnology, Industrial Air & Water Pollution Control, Ecology, Clean Technology and Hazardous Waste Management.