• Earth Retaining structures - Retaining walls- types - cantilever and counterfort - design - drainage and other construction details.
  •  Liquid Retaining structure – Water tanks - types - square, rectangular, circular - Design of underground and elevated tanks - design of staging – spherical & conical roof for circular tanks.
  •  Material storage structures - Determination of lateral pressure on side walls of bunker - Rankine's theory - design of bunker - design of circular silo using Jansen's theory.
  •  Environmental Structures - Chimneys - Principles and Design - Design of long columns.
  •  Transporting structures - Bridges - Slab bridge - Design of single span slab bridge - Tee beam bridge - Design of Tee beam bridge with stiffness - Tee beam bridge with cross girders


     Note: Assignments include the drawings of various R.C.C structures.


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