• Mechanical properties of materials like steel, cast iron, aluminum, Timber and concrete – Elastic and plastic deformation – Brittle and ductile failures of materials – Mechanical tests –Mohr’s circle – Lame’s ellipsoid.
  •  Theories of failure and their importance in design – Equivalent bending and twisting moments.
  •  Circle of inertia – Dyadic circle – Momental ellipse, stresses and deflection due to unsymmetrical bending – Z polygon.
  •  Concept and significance – Location of shear centre for singly symmetric sections. Stresses in curved flexural members – Crane hooks – rings and links.
  •  Fundamentals of vibration – free vibration of single degree of freedom systems – undamped and damped free vibration with different types of damping. Forced vibration of single degree of freedom systems with and without damping.



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