• Introduction to steel structures - material specifications – Rolled sections – Permissible stresses in tension, compression, and shear as per Indian standard code. Types of bolts – Resistance of bolts in shear and bearing – use of HSFG bolts.
  •  Methods of welding – weld symbols – edge preparation – welding electrodes – types of welded joints – strength of welds – design of fillet welds – IS code stipulations – shear and moment resistance joints - design and detailing of connections.
  •  Slenderness ratio – Design of Compression members – RSJ, channels and angles, built-up sections; angles back to back and star; channels – back to back and box type, lacings and battens – Design of tension members.
  •  Permissible stresses - Design criteria - Design of flexural members – Rolled sections – I and Channel – built-up beams; flange plates over rolled sections. Type of roof trusses –components of roof truss - Loads - Design of purlins and truss members, End connections at the supports.

          Note: Assignments include the drawings of various steel structural elements.


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