• Introduction to working stress method of design – Principles – Design methods – Permissible stresses.
  •  Limit states - Characteristic strength and load - Partial safety factor - Limit state method - Design of singly reinforced beams, doubly reinforced beams, T and L beams by limit state method with IS code specifications - Design for Shear.
  •  Slabs - one way and two way slabs for different edge conditions – Yield line theory - Flat slab - continuous slabs - IS code specifications - stair cases - different types.
  • Columns - axially loaded and eccentrically loaded columns - IS code Specifications - Interaction Diagrams.
  •  Footings - isolated footings - square, rectangular and circular footings - Combined footing Introduction to masonry structures – Pile and pile cap.

         Note: Assignments include the drawings of various R.C.C structural elements.


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