• Physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water - water analysis- IS and WHO standards- Requirements of water supply - Types of demand and their contribution - rate of consumption - Forecasting the population- variation in demand pattern.
  • Sources of water - quantitative and qualitative studies. Intakes - Channels and pipes for conveying water - hydraulic design of pressure pipe – Pipes- Materials – laying- joining- testing – pipe appurtenances- Pumps and pumping stations.
  • Treatment plants - process of treatments – mixing, aeration, sedimentation, coagulation, filtration, disinfection, softening - advanced water treatment.
  • Distribution systems – analysis of distribution networks.
  • Operation and maintenance of water supply to buildings - Rural water supply - Protected water supply - Insect control - Rodent control - Food control - Saline water intrusion.     

        Note: Assignments include the drawings of various water treatment units.


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