• Principle of virtual displacement and virtual forces - Castigliano's first and second theorem - Maxwell's reciprocal theorem.
  • Determination of deflection curve - double integration - Macaulay's method - Area moment method - Conjugate beam method - strain energy and dummy unit load approaches to deflection of Simple and Curved members.
  • Statically indeterminate Structures - Propped Beams, fixed and continuous beams - Application of Theorem of three moments - Calculation of reactions, bending moment and shear force. Thick cylinders - Lame's equation - Shrink fit - compound cylinders.
  • Deflection of trusses - Dummy unit load method - Strain energy method - Willot Mohr's diagram.
  • Theory of columns: Axial load, combined bending and axial load - Euler's formula for long struts-Practical applications-Empirical formulae - Beam columns.


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