Dr. (Mrs).S. Velmathi






 M.Sc., Ph.D

Professional Experiance:

1.        Nov 2011-till date Associate Professor,Department of Chemistry, National Institute Technology (NIT), Trichy-620 015

2.        Nov 2008-Oct 2011 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, National Institute Technology (NIT), Trichy-620 015

3.        August 2006- Nov. 2008 Lecturer Department of Chemistry, National Institute Technology (NIT), Trichy-620 015

4.        April 2002- November 2002 Research Associate in SPIC Science Foundation, Chennai-32

5.        April 2001 - March 2002 CSIR extended SRF

6.        April 1998 - March 2001-CSIRSenior Research Fellow.

7.        1996 October –1998 March Junior Research Fellow in a project sponsored by SPIC – Biotech division

8.        1995 July -1996 OctoberJunior Research Fellow in the project sponsored by ICAR.

Visiting Scientist:

  1. At Department of Applied Chemistry, National Chiao Tung University and Academia Sinica, Taiwan

  2. At Department of Organic material and polymer engineering, Dong-A University, Busan, Korea, January 2013, 2014

  3. At (WPI-MANA) World Premier Institute-Center for Materials Nano Architectonics, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan June-July, 2008

  4. Department of Chemistry, University of Connecticut, USA, (Dec-Feb 2008)

  5. At Fuel Cell Materials Center, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan May-July-2007

Post Doctoral Fellowship:

Ø  At Research Institute for Innovations in Sustainable Chemistry, Advanced Polymer Group, National Institute of Advanced Industrial science and Technology, AIST Central 5-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.(2003 –2006)

Research Interest:

Asymmetric Synthesis, Chemosensors, Organometallic catalysts, Macromolecules synthesis,  Heterogenous  catalysts and  Microwave mediated  organic transformations

Awards and Honors:

  1. Fellow of TamilNadu Academy of Sciences (FASCh)
  2. Selected for the INSA Bilateral Exchange Fellowship to Visit Taiwan
  3. Received the prestigious Tamil Nadu Young Women Scientist Award-2012 for Chemical Sciences
  4. Received International Travel grant from DST, to visit South Korea for presenting a paper  n the 14th Tetrahedron symposium held at Seoul, South Korea,  Oct 21-24, 2013 (not availed)
  5. Chaired a session in the International Conference on Key Engineering materials ICKEM 2012, Held at Singapore Feb 26-28, 2012
  6. Editorial Board member in the journal ISRN Analytical Chemistry
  7. International Travel grant from DST, to visit Australia for presenting a paper  n the International Conference of 11th Pacific Polymer Conference held at Cairns, Australia,  Dec 06-10, 2009
  8. DST-SERC Fast Track Young Scientist Award –2007 Research Grant of 20 lakhs
  9. Received the best poster award in the 5th Green and Sustainable Chemistry Network symposium held at Tokyo, Japan, March 7-8, 2005
  10. Senior Research Fellowship (Extended), CSIR, India-April 2001
  11. Senior Research Fellowship of CSIR, India – April 1998

Selected Publications:

  • Highly Fluorescent Zinc Acetate Complex of Dipodal N-Acyl hydrazone as a Selective Sensor for H2PO4- ion and Application In Living Cells S.   Suganya, Sivan Velmathi*, Parthiban Venkatesan, Shu-Pao Wu and Maria susai Boobalan Inpress Frontiers in Inorganic Chemistry, 2015
  • Eco Friendly Ring-Opening Polymerization of e-Caprolactone and PC: mixed  BiFeO3 nanocomposites characterization and applications S. Saravanamoorthy, M. Muneeswaran, N.V. Giridharan, S. Velmathi* Inpress RSc Advances, 2015
  • Azo Linked Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Based Dual Chemosensor for Cu2+ and Hg2+ ions D. Udhayakumari and Sivan Velmathi* Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 2015, 54, 3541−3547
  • Azo Linked Thiourea based Effective Dual Sensors and its Real samples Application in aqueous medium D. Udhayakumari and Sivan Velmathi* Sensors and Actuators B, 2015, vol. 209, 462-469
  • Visible light driven degradation of methylene blue dye using Ag3PO4 R. Dhanabal, A. Chandra Bose and S. Velmathi  inpress Journal of             Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2015


No.of Ph.D Completed -6, 1-Thesis submitted, 6-Ongoing. M.Sc Dissertations supervised -30, ongoing-4


Sponored Projects completed as PI

  1. Received the DST-SERC Fast Track Young Scientist Project Research Grant of 20 lakhs. Project title- Studies towards the development of reusable chiral catalysts for asymmetric synthesis 2007-2010 SR/FTP/CS-142/2006
  2. Joint Research project between Dr. A. V. Adhikari, Dept. of Chemistry NITK has been sanctioned under TEQIP networking (4 lakhs). Project title –Development of new biodegradable polymers using microwaves 2007-2008
  3. A MOU has been signed between Fuel cell Materials center, NIMS-Japan and NITT(2007-2012)
  4. Received the CSIR Project on Studies towards the application of new tridentate ligands for ring opening polymerization of lactides (2008-11) 12.64 lakhs 01(2282)/08/EMR-II dated 20 th November 2008
  5. Received the DRDO Project Research Grant of 30.43 lakhs. Project title- Studies towards the development of colorimetric and fluorescent on-off receptors for cation/anion sensing (2011-2014) ERIP/ER/1006004/M01/1333 dt. 23-05-2011
  6. Received the DST Project Research Grant of 47 lakhs (2011-2014).Project title- Chiral Hybrid Organic-Inorganic three dimensional Mesoporous Materials for Enantioselective synthesis- SR/S1/OC-06/2011

Sponsored Projects completed as Co-Investigator:

  1. Co-Investigator in the DST Nano Mission project (2009-12) grant of 5.8 crores Project title- Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials for engineering applications SR/NM/NS-27/2008


100 Full length articles in international journals

10 full papers published in conference proceedings

3 Japanese patents

58 papers presented in International/National Conferences

Contact Address:

Dr. (Mrs.). S. Velmathi


Department of Chemistry

National Institute of Technology

Trichy-620 015





External personal website http://sites.google.com/site/sivanvelmathinitt/

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