Ph.D. (2002): University of Pune, (National Chemical Laboratory) 2002
Supervisor: Dr. B.S. Rao,
Thesis: Synthesis Of Nitrogen Containing Heterocycles And Acid Catalyzed Reactions Of Aromatic Amines Over Medium And Large Pore Zeolites
M.Tech. (Master of Technology) (1999):
Polymer science and Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India,1999.
Dissertation: Preparation of Monomers, Styrene Oxide and e-Caprolactam using Ferrierite (FER) as Catalyst
M.Sc. (1997): Organic Chemistry, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamil Nadu, India,1997.
B.Sc. (1995): Chemistry (Allied Physics and Mathematics), Govt. Arts College, C.Mutlur, Chidambaram (Affiliated to Madras University)

Professional Experience
Post-doctoral research fellow (June 2006- May 2007): Institute of Chemical technology, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Post-doctoral research fellow (June 2005- April 2006): Advanced Chemical Technology Division, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT), South Korea.
Post-doctoral research fellow (May 2003- April 2005): DelftChemTech, TUDelft, The Netherlands.

Papers published or accepted for publication in international journals

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Papers published or accepted for publication in Indian journals

R. Anand, R. Maheswari, M. Agashe, V.R. Chumbhale and B.S. Rao “A comparative study of ortho- toluidine isomerization over medium and large pore zeolites” Bulletin of the Catalysis Society of India 1 (2002) 95 – 101.

Poster & Oral Presentations = 13