Chemical Engineering

With the rapid development of chemical industries based on petroleum, coal and alcohol, process design of
chemical process equipment has assumed importance. The design and fabrication of heat, mass and
momentum transfer equipments will be taught along with chemical reaction engineering and process
development. This specialization leads to employment in private and public sectors, heavy chemicals and
petroleum industries, design and manufacturing units and research institutions.

Process Control and Instrumentation

In every industry with great focus on quality, controls and instrumentation has acquired significant
importance. Emphasis is laid on the dynamics of various process equipment and their control. Recent trends
in Distributed Control Systems and multivariable control will be dealt with extensively.
This is an interdisciplinary programme. Faculty from Chemical Engineering Department and Instrumentation
and Control Engineering Department will deliver lectures and organize practical classes.

Energy Engineering

The main objective of this course is to strive for efficient production, utilization and management of energy.
The various aspects connected with resources, economics, management and technology will be presented and
will be followed by discussions. Main emphasis will be given to the identification of appropriate technologies
for the efficient production, distribution and use of energy.
This is an interdisciplinary programme with faculty drawn from Departments of Chemical Engineering,
Architecture, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering of the Institute for delivering
lectures and organizing experimental work. Guest lectures by experts from B.H.E.L., and other industries are
arranged. Candidates admitted to this course are eligible to apply for the MNES scholarship (Rs. 5000/- per
month and a contingency grant of Rs. 2400/- for the entire period) provided they have a minimum valid GATE
score of 75%.

  • Admission Procedure