Objective :


a. Principles of management, functions of organisations, organisational system - technology, process, design, structure and culture and their impact on the people at work. b. Definition - development of psychology as scientific discipline - methods and applications of psychology in human at work in industry.

Understanding Human Behaviour:

Beliefs, values, feelings, perception and attitudes. Process of perception and other factors as above, in shaping human behaviour; Johari Window, FIRO-B, MBTI personality type test. Gestalt approach, attitude development, meaning of intelligence, factors of intelligence, intelligence tests, creativity. Personality - definition, determinants, psychoanalytic theory, assessment.

Motivation, Leadership, Teamwork, Communication:

Concept of. Motivation; why to people work; theories on motivation, (Maslow, Herzberg , achievement orientation, expectancy theory, theory x, y, z); techniques of motivating employees, Leadership - role of leader, qualities of a leader; styles of leadership (blake and mouton managerial grid, Frid Fiedler’s contingency approach, Rensis Likert’s four styles), determinants of leadership style to be adopted, Power, authority and accountability; delegation, Dynamics of groups; work groups, teamwork, Communication - Channels of communication, feedback, Barrier to communication; Non-verbal communication, grapevine,Transactional analysis

Human Engineering:

Human and Engineering Factors influencing each other - Ergonomics, Effect of Physical environment - illumination, temperature, noise etc; Social economic and political responsibilities of an engineer.

Psychological Aspects Expounded By Thirukural:

Realisation of truth, power of speech (utterances of pleasant words) and Action, Mutual desire, human effort, inconsistent conduct, possession of Decorum manly effort, energy


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