Final Year Projects

Analysis of Security Poilicies on Cisco Firewalls

The project is on Java and Networking concepts.All that has to be done is configure various Cisco firewalls and generate reports for the traffic on them.

Done by :Abhay Kumar Mishra (CISCO)

Enhancing the Leave Tracking System

Existing system:

The existing Leave Tracking System (LTS) is a web based system which enables the employees to apply for leaves, approving leaves of reportees, track the leave history, view employee leave calendar.

Project Scope:

The scope of this project is to enhance the existing system with more features as per the user feedback collected, make the system compatible with Firefox browser, and generate various reports required for HR department.

Language: Java / JBoss server 4.0.0/ Hibernate 1.4/ MS SQL Server
Platform: Windows
Done By : Amit Saha (D.E.Shaw & Co)


Integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Collaboration and List Web Part

The project is related to Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Sharepoint Server integration for collaboration. This will require installing, learning and customizing Sharepoint server and Microsoft CRM. You will need to learn technologies like ASP .NET, PL/SQL, XML, Web Services and will be working on products like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server, and IIS." CRM, as name suggests is about management of customer relationships so as to get maximum benifits from business point of view. SharePoint Server is used to create SharePoint sites that support specific content publishing, content management, records management, or business intelligence needs, participate in forms-driven business processes, and access and analyze large amounts of business data.

Language: C#.NET, ASP.NET
Platform: Windows  Server 2003
Done By :Ashwani Chehal (Microsoft)