M.Tech in Data Analytics offered by the Department of Computer Applications has started at NIT, Trichy in academic year 2017 and seeks to present its students with a vast knowledge base and wide range of data analytic techniques and is structured around the broad contours of the different types of data analytics.This programme is aimed at equipping students with the knowledge and familiarity on various tools that are necessary for Big Data analytics. With the advance of IT storage, processing, computation, and sensing technologies, Big Data has become a novel norm of life. Almost all industries are bracing into the challenge of Big Data and want to dig out valuable information to get insight to solve their challenges. This course will provide the knowledge and understanding of the theory,  majorly the application perspective needed to equip students to be able to handle those challenges. The course also includes subjects like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Computing, Image and Video Analytics and Statistical Computing which gives the students an added advantage thus gearing them up to be better data analysts.

M.Tech (Data Analytics)