GUI concept – Data types – GUI Architecture – Message Processing – Keyboard and Mouse Handling Displaying Text and Graphics – File and Printer Handling – DDE – DDL – ODBC – COM/DCOM / CORBA.

The .NET Namespaces, Assemblies, .NET Memory Management, Process Management, Interoperation with COM. Transactions in .NET, Structures Exception Handling, Code Access Security, Web Controls using the .NET framework, The .NET Framework Class Library.

VB.NET – basic features - Inheritance, Value Types, Operator Overloading, Exception Handling, Arrays and Collections, Properties, Delegates and Events, Windows Forms, Dialog Boxes and Controls, Graphical Output, Files, Data access.

C#.NET – basic features, Arrays and Collections, parameter arrays, Inheritance, Garbage collection and Resource management.

ASP.NET – Validation controls – Accessing Data with web forms – Building ASP.NET applications – Building and XML web service handling XML.


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