Objective: To learn how to control inventory costs and applications of Dynamic programming

Pre-requisite: Knowledge of Calculus


Inventory control - Different variables involved. Single item deterministic- Economic lot size models with uniform rate, finite & infinite production rates, with or without shortage-Multi-item models with one constant.

Deterministic models with price-breaks- AII units discount model and incremental discount model. Probabilistic single period profit maximization models with uniform demand, instantaneous demand, with or without setup cost.

Dynamic inventory models, Multi-echelon problems. Integrated approach to production inventory and to maintenance problems. Feed back control in inventory management.

Dynamic programming - Bellman's principle of optimality, characteristics of a dynamic programming problem. Solutions of simple classical problems with single constraint. Solution to Linear Programming problem and Integer Programming problem using Dynamic programming approach.


Applications of dynamic programming-The shortest path through a network, production planning, inventory problems, investment planning, cargo loading and Knapsack problems.


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