Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management, Supply chain networks, Integrated supply chain planning, Decision phases in s supply chain, Supply chain models and modeling systems.

Supply chain planning: Strategic, operational and tactical, Supply chain strategies, Supply chain drivers and obstacles, Strategic Alliances and Outsourcing, purchasing aspects of supply chain.

Supply chain performance measurement: The balanced score card approach, Performance Metrics. Planning demand and supply, Demand forecasting in supply chain, Aggregate planning in supply chain, Predictable variability. Supply Chain Inventory Management.

Inventory theory models: Economic Order Quantity Models, Reorder Point Models and Multi-echelon Inventory Systems, Relevant deterministic and stochastic inventory models and Vendor managed inventory models. Role of transportation in a supply chain: direct shipment, warehousing, cross-docking; push vs. pull systems; transportation decisions (mode selection, fleet size), market channel structure, vehicle routing problem. Decisions in a supply chain, Mathematical Foundations of distribution management, Supply chain facility layout and capacity planning.

Strategic Cost Management in Supply Chain. The financial impacts, Volume leveraging and cross docking, global logistics and material positioning, global supplier development, target pricing, cost management enablers, Measuring service levels in supply chains, Customer Satisfaction


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