UNIT I [10]

Definition - software components, COTS and infrastructure - Moving from project-centric to architecture-centric software engineering - software variability management.

UNIT II [10]

Software architecture design method : Top-down versus bottom-up design - functionality-based architecture design - variability analysis - architecture evaluation and assessment - scenario-based evaluation - simulation-based evaluation - experience-based evaluation - architectural styles - architectural patterns - applying design patterns - convert quality requirements to functionality.


Design Patterns - Evolution patterns - Software artifact evolution processes: interdependence, dependence or independence - Case studies: examples and experiences - Use of Java Beans.

UNIT IV [10]

History of Software Testing- Overview of Verification and Validation with the Software Life-Cycle- Formal Methods as Opposed to Software Testing- Importance of Systematic Methods for Testing- Techniques for Program Analysis- Software Testing Techniques- Test Data Generation- Software Quality Assurance- Software Metrics- Comparison of Software Testing Techniques.

UNIT V [10]

Software Reliability - Comparison of Software and Hardware Reliability- Development of Software Reliability Models- Parameter Estimation of Models and Prediction of Reliability Levels- Comparison of Models- Relation Between Software Reliability and Software Testing Techniques- Application of Software Testing and Reliability to Safety Critical Systems.


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