OBJECTIVE: To introduce various High-performance computing environments and implementation issues.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Design and Analysis of Sequential Algorithms and Computer Organization and Architecture.

UNIT I: Introduction to Parallel Computing [10]

Introduction — Computational Demands — Two real-time needs — Parallel Processing Terminology — Data, Temporal and Control Parallelisms — Flynn’s Taxonomy — Processor arrays, Multiprocessors, Multicomputers- Fundamental Algorithms — Broadcasting and All-prefix-sums Criteria for Complexity Analyses.

UNIT II: Parallel Algorithms [10]

Parallel algorithms on various models with complexity analyses for selection, merging sorting and searching problems. Introduction to Parallel Programming Languages — CS and Sequent C - Comparison of Parallel Computing with Supercomputing and Distributed Computing.

UNIT III: Introduction to Distributed Computing [10]

Message Passing Model — Message passing, general programming models and PVM —Remote Procedure Call — Parameter passing, locating the server, Semantics in the presence of failures, security, Problem Areas.

UNIT IV: Grid Computing [10]

Introduction — Definition, Evolution and Elements — Current Perspective — Definition, block Diagram, Grid Computing Business areas and Applications - Grid Computing Infrastructure and vulnerability — security Issues — Resource Management.

UNIT V: Cluster Computing [10]

Introduction - Cluster Computer and its Architecture, Parallel Applications and Their Development - Strategies for Developing Parallel Applications - Code Granularity and Levels of Parallelism - Parallel Programming Models and Tools - Parallel Languages, Message Passing, Virtual Shared Memory, Parallel Object-Oriented Programming, Programming Skeletons - Methodical Design of Parallel Algorithms - Partitioning, Communication, Agglomeration, Mapping.

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