Prerequisites: CA 715


1. Architecture, Register Organisation, Signal Description, Physical Memory Organisation, I/O Addressing, Special Processor Activities, Minimum and Maximum Mode and Timings - Machine Language Instruction Formats, Addressing modes, Instruction Set , Assembler Directives and Operators.

2. Simple Programs, Machine Coding the programs, Programming with Assembler, Example Programs - Stack, STACK Structure, Interrupts and Interrupt Service Routines, Interrupt Cycle, Non-maskable Interrupt, Maskable Interrupt, Interrupt Programming, Macros.

3. Semiconductor Interfacing, Dynamic Ram Interfacing, Interfacing I/O Ports, PIO 8255 - Interfacing Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converters.

4. Programmable Interval Timer 8253, Programmable Interrupt Controller 8259A, Keyboard/Display Controller 8279, Programmable Communication Interface 8251 USART, DMA Controller 8257.DMA Transfers and Operations.

5. Salient Features of 80286, Internal Architecture of 80286, Signal Descriptions of 80286, Real Addressing Mode, Protected Virtual Address Mode, Protection, Special Operations. Salient Features of 80386, Architecture and Signal Descriptions, Register Organisation, Addressing Modes, Real Address Mode, Protected Mode, Segmentation, Paging, Virtual 8086 Mode.


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