1. Organizational Behavior – The human relations movement, The Hawthorne studies, Models for organizational behavior. Background of the Behavioral Science –- Management concepts- Design used to answer question and Test theories, Reliability and Validity of measures - Managerial Perspective.

2. Individual behavior - Personality – Meaning and development, Major determinants of Personality theories of Personality, Stress – causes and effect of job stress, coping strategies for stress Perception – sensation versus perception.

3. Motivation – Primary motives, General motives, secondary motives, and Work motivation approaches – Job design, Performance appraisal, Goal setting.

4. Interpersonal and group behavior - The nature of Groups – Dynamic of informal groups Individual conflict, Interpersonal conflict, Inter-group behavior and conflict - Leadership – Theories of leadership, leadership style.

5. Organization Development - Morale, characteristics of O.D., Traditional approaches to O.D. Other Modern Techniques – New O.D. techniques for the future.


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