Dr. Michael Arock


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Employment Profile

S. No. Positions held Name of the Institute From To Pay Scale
1 Lecturer REC, Trichy 06.10.1997 22.04.2007 2200-75-2300-100-4000
2 Assistant Professor Professor Professor NIT, Trichy 23.04.2007 22.04.2010 12000-420-18300
3 Associate Professor NIT, Trichy 23.04.2010 11.03.2018 37400-67000(9000)
4 Professor NIT, Trichy 12.03.2018 Till date 163900-14751-26224

Academic Qualifications (From Highest Degree to High School):

S.No. Degree Year Subject University/Institution % of marks
1. B.Sc. 1993 Mathematics GTN Arts College, Dindigul Madurai Kamaraj University 93% First Class with Distinction
2. MCA 1996 - St.Joseph’s College, Bharathidasan University, Trichy 72.76% First Class
3. Ph.D. 2006 Computer Applications Bharathidasan University, Trichy -

Details of Academic Work

  • Courses taught at Postgraduate and Undergraduate levels
    1. Data Structures and their Applications
    2. Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Projects guided at Postgraduate level
    1. 8 projects in MCA every year
    2. 2 projects in Msc(CS) every year
    3. 2 projects in MTech(DA) every year

Number of PhDs guided/ongoing

Candidate’s Name Area Admission Date Completion Date
Ms. B. Smitha Evelin Zorida DNA Computing Aug 2006 Aug 2010
Mr. U. Srinivasulu Reddy Bioinformatics Aug 2006 Jul2013
Ms. T. Geetha Data Mining Jun 2007 Aug 2011
Ms.S.Sangeetha Natural Language Processing Aug 2008 Nov 2013
Mr. M.Anbazhagan Recommender Systems Sep 2013 Jan 2021
Ms. Resmi R.P. Membrane Computing Sep 2016 Jan 2021
Mr.A.Swaminathan Image Processing Aug 2014 Jan 2021
Ms.K.Malathi Image Processing Aug 2016
Ms.Sangeethapriya Internet of Things Jan 2018
Mr.V.Srinivasa Rao Internet of Things Aug 2018


Sl.No. Authors Title Name of the Journal Vol. Page Year
1 RamachandranPillai, Resmi; Arock, Michael; Spiking neural firefly optimization scheme for the capacitated dynamic vehicle routing problem with time windows Neural Computing and Applications 33 409-432 2021
2 Mahadevan, Anbazhagan; Arock, Michael; A class imbalance-aware review rating prediction using hybrid sampling and ensemble learning Multimedia Tools and Applications 80 6911-6938 2021
3 Ramachandranpillai, Resmi; Arock, Michael; A solution to dynamic green vehicle routing problems with time windows using spiking neural P systems with modified rules and learning The Journal of Supercomputing 77 9689-9720 2021
4 RamachandranPillai, Resmi; Arock, Michael; An adaptive spiking neural P system for solving vehicle routing problems Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 45 2513-2529 2020
5 Mahadevan, Anbazhagan; Arock, Michael; Review rating prediction using combined latent topics and associated sentiments: an empirical review Service Oriented Computing and Applications 14 19-34 2020
6 RamachandranPillai, Resmi; Arock, Michael; An N-Puzzle Solver Using Tissue P System with Evolutional Symport/Antiport Rules and Cell Division Soft Computing for Problem Solving 1048 493-504 2020
7 Mahadevan, Anbazhagan; Arock, Michael; Integrated topic modeling and sentiment analysis: a review rating prediction approach for recommender systems Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences 28 107-123 2020
8 Jayapriya, J; Arock, Michael; Aligning molecular sequences using hybrid bioinspired algorithm in GPU International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 21 125-136 2020
9 Annadurai, Swaminathan; Arock, Michael; Fuel Classification based on Flame Characteristics using a Time Series Analysis with Fuzzy Support Vector Machine Algorithm Asia‐Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering 15 1-14 2020
10 Reddy, Uyyala Srinivasulu; Arock, Michael; Reddy, AV; Discovering of gapped motifs using particle swarm optimisation International Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 2 1-21 2020
11 Swaminathan, A; Vadivel, A; Arock, Michael; FERCE: facial expression recognition for combined emotions using FERCE algorithm IETE Journal of Research 1-15 2020
12 Ramachandranpillai, R; Arock, M; Spiking neural P ant optimisation: a novel approach for ant colony optimisation Electronics Letters 56 1320-1322 2020
13 Jayapriya, J; Arock, Michael; An Improved Hybridized Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Rules for Local Sequence Alignment Exploring Critical Approaches of Evolutionary Computation 215-237 2019
14 Jayapriya, J; Arock, Michael; Aligning molecular sequences by wavelet transform using cross correlation similarity metric Int. J. Intell. Syst. Appl.(IJISA) 9 62-70 2017
15 Jayapriya, J; Arock, Michael; Aligning two molecular sequences using genetic operators in grey wolf optimiser technique International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics 15 328-349 2016
16 Jayapriya, J; Arock, Michael; A novel distance metric for aligning multiple sequences using DNA hybridization process International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications 8 40-47 2016
17 Jayakumar, Jayapriya; Arock, Michael; Cellular Automata-Based PSO Algorithm for Aligning Multiple Molecular Sequences International Journal of Applied Evolutionary Computation (IJAEC) 7 1-15 2016
18 Anbazhagan, M; Arock, Michael; A Study and Analysis of Collaborative Filtering Algorithms for Recommender Systems International Journal of Control Theory and Applications 9 127-136 2016
19 Jayapriya, J; Arock, Michael; ENHANCED BIO-INSPIRED ALGORITHM FOR CONSTRUCTING PHYLOGENETIC TREE. ICTACT journal on soft computing 6 1061-1069 2015
20 Eswari, Rajagopal; Nickolas, S; Arock, Michael; A path priority-based task scheduling algorithm for heterogeneous distributed systems International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems 12 183-201 2014
21 Sangeetha, S; Arock, Michael; Event extraction from corefering mentions to enrich semantic web metadata International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms 6 95-112 2014
22 Sangeetha, S; Arock, Michael; Event coreference resolution using particle swarm optimisation International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Soft Data Paradigms 4 261-271 2014
23 Zoraida, BSE; Arock, Michael; Ronald, BSM; Ponalagusamy, R; DNA algorithm employing temperature gradient for Freeze-Tag Problem in swarm robotics Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control 34 278-290 2012
24 Geetha, T; Arock, Michael; Data clustering using modified k-medoids algorithm International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics 4 109-124 2012
25 Sangeetha, S; Arock, Michael; Recognising sentence similarity using similitude and dissimilarity features International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms 4 120-131 2012
26 Sangeetha, S; Thakur, Rini Smita; Arock, Michael; Event detection using trigger chain International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining 2 76-88 2012
27 Sangeetha, Satyan; Arock, Michael; Event coreference resolution using mincut based graph clustering International Journal of Computing and Information Sciences 253-260 2012
28 Sangeetha, S; Thakur, RS; Arock, Michael; Domain Independent Event Extraction System Using Text Meaning Representation Adopted for Semantic Web International Journal of Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications 2 252-261 2010
29 Arock, Michael; Distance-Based K-Medoids Clustering for Gene Expression Data. IUP Journal of Information Technology 6 7-20 2010
30 Zoraida, BSE; Arock, Michael; Ponalagusamy, R; DNA Algorithm Employing Temperature Gradient for Multiple Traveling Salesperson Problem International Journal of Computer Applications 975 59-65 2010
31 Zoraida, BSE; Arock, Michael; An Efficient Algorithm for Constructing DNA Boolean Circuit International Journal of Computer Applications 1 16-21 2010
32 Zoraida, BSE; Arock, Michael; Ronald, BSM; Ponalagusamy, R; A DNA-based algorithm for capacitated vehicle routing problem using temperature gradient technique International Journal of Services, Economics and Management 2 371-384 2010
33 Arock, Michael; Enhanced hierarchical clustering for gene expression data International Journal of Computer Applications 1 94-100 2010
34 Reddy, U Srinivasulu; Arock, Michael; Reddy, AV; Planted (l, d)-motif finding using particle swarm optimization IJCA Special Issue ECQT 2 51-56 2010
35 Arock, Michael; Reddy, Srinivasulu; Reddy, AV; A parallel combinatorial algorithm for subtle motifs International journal of bioinformatics research and applications 6 260-269 2010
36 Arock, Michael; Zoraida, BSE; Ponalagusamy, R; An efficient algorithm for constructing DNA Boolean circuit International Journal of Computer Applications 975 14-19 2010
37 Zoraida, BSE; Arock, Michael; Ronald, BSM; Ponalagusamy, R; A novel generalized design methodology and realization of Boolean operations using DNA Biosystems 97 146-153 2009
38 Geetha, T; Arock, Michael; Effective hybrid PSO and K-means clustering algorithm for gene expression data International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing 1 173-188 2009
39 AROCK, MICHAEL; Ponalagusamy, R; A constant-time selection algorithm on an LARPBS Innovative Applications Of Information Technology For The Developing World 20 68-72 2007
40 Arock, Michael; Ponalagusamy, R; Parallel algorithms for robot path planning with simpler VLSI architecture International journal of computer applications in technology 26 157-163 2006

Books/Reports/Chapters/General articles etc.

S.No Title Author’s Name Publisher Year of Publication
1 Fundamentals of Programming with C Programming Michael Arock Yes Dee Publisher 2014
2 Event Detection using Lexical Chain S.Sangeetha and Michael Arock Springer-Verlag LNAI 6233 2010

Seminars/Conferences Attended

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Research Interests

  • Data Structures
  • Design and Analysis of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms
  • Natural Computing (like DNA Computing and Membrane Computing)

Papers Published

Summer Schools/STTPs attended 

  • Short-Term Training Programme on “Recent trends in Data Warehousing and Data Mining at NITW, AP, from 22nd March 2004 to 2nd April 2004.
  • Short-Term Training Programme on “Parallel Algorithms and Architecture for High Performance Computers” at GCT, TN, from 24th May 2004 to 6th June 2004.

Professional Training

  • Underwent a DST sponsored training program on Bioinformatics for senior scientists and technologists at Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad during 12-18, September 2007.

Contributions to the Academic Community

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Other Contributions

Short Resume

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Any other Information (maximum 500 words)

  • A 5-Day STTP on “Introduction to Algorithms” from 07-11-2017 to 11-11-2017 at NITT.
  • Got a one-year MHRD-sponsored project worth 5.00 lakhs on “Developing Suitable Pedagogical Methods For Various Programmes” as P.I and with one Co-P.I.(Dr.S.Sangeetha) and completed on 19-10-2016
  • A two-day workshop on “Platforms for Big-data Analytics” on 15th and 16th July, 2016 jointly with Dr. S. Domnic (CA Department) for Engineering college teachers and research scholars.
  • A two-day workshop on “Trends in Bioinformatics” on 1st and 2nd February, 2008 jointly with Prof. R.Ponalagusamy (Maths) under TEQIP Community services for Engineering college teachers and research scholars.

Contact Address

B2/G4, Rohini Garden Enclave

Pattabiraman Street


Tiruchirappalli 620 017

Tamilnadu, INDIA


E-mail: michael@nitt.edu