The Spider is a College Technical Club involved in Research & Development in various fields. Under the esteemed guidance of Dr. B. Venkataramani , the club today stands as a common medium among various students who share their knowledge and expertise on a common platform for the common purpose.

Alumni Final Years Second Years
Devkaran Chouhan (205116028) Swapnil Ojha (205117005) Harsh Bhadoria (205118022)
Nayan Jain (205116030) Abhishek Rustagi (205117038) Sahil Goel (205118062)
Pal Sanjay (205116075) Nivedita Jha (205117021) Shivam Tiwari (205118070)
Pallavi Kulkarni (205116007) Neha Majlikar (205117025) Kundan (205118031)
Suman Choudhary (205116025) Chander Shekhar (205117068) Disha Raj (205118017)
Trupti Baliga (216216003) Dharmender Lodhi (205117018) Mritunjay Kumar (205118042)
Sagar Sharma (205117020) Arijit Biswas (216218004)
Vignesh Karthik (216217012)


The Department of Computer Applications has the unique distinction of being the pioneer in establishing India's first ACM Student's Chapter. ACM's headquarter is located in New York. It is dedicated to spreading computer awareness among students. This chapter regularly conducts seminars, lecture series and quiz contests apart from conducting annual meets like ACUMEN and INFOTREK. This chapter also releases a monthly online news magazine called the "ACM Newsletter" which keeps us abreast of the latest developments in the IT industry. ACM sponsors candidates for various MCA meets where our students participate and emerge in flying colors. INFOTREK is an Inter-Department technical meet that is conducted every year and is host to all the departments in the college. The festival includes Seminars and Guest Lectures by the software professionals from various organizations who have gained expertise in their field. ACUMEN is an Intra-Department technical meet for MCAs.The events mainly center around the first year students of the MCA family and aim to train them in both technical and managerial abilities.

Alumni Final Year Second Year Designation
Ravi Kumar (205116067) Shaikha Khan (205117002) Yash kumar Singhal (205118088) Chairman
Yash Khatri (205116044) Akshay Dhote (205117042) Amit Sahu (205118006) Web Master
Khushali Porwal (205116047) Komal Patil (205117012) Preeti Jatav (205118051) Resource Incharge
Gaurav Matani (205116035) Rohit Jangid(205117031) Raj Rishi (205118054) Treasurer
Preeti Yadav (205116039) Sanjeev Keshri (205117001) Nikki Singh (205118044) Public Relations Incharge
Anuranjan Kumar (205116078) Udit Narayan Vyas (205117039) Ravina Verma (205118056) Programmer
Neelam Gour (205116049) Shweta Jaora (205117032) Yugansh Arora (205118091) Education Incharge

ACM website: ACM


We are an open source community initiated by MCA students of NIT Trichy. We learn, work and share the joys of Open source technologies and wish to contribute to the Open Source Society. We also provide an encouraging environment for development and research on Open source software through collaboration with the open source community, business establishments, and other organizations. The community is expected to be a portal for knowledge & education and to forge relationships with the open source world.

Alumini Final Years Secoud Years
Khusali Porwal (205116047) Surendra Lodhi (205117066) Vaibhav Vikas (205118081)
Shubham Sharma (205116050) Kshitiz Arora (205117057) Swapnil Gupta (205118077)
Vivek Xess (205116081) Ankita Gupta (205117003) Ruchita Nagar (205118061)
Dimple Maheshwari (205116060) Prajjawal Gupta (205117030) Ankur Rana (205118010)
Harmit Singh Bhatia (205116063) Mayank Songara (205117043) Rohit Bairagi (205118059)
Pal Sanjay (205116075) Aditya Gupta (205117040) Richa Agarwal (205118057)
Mohammad Atheek (205116077) Namrata Jaiswal (205117004) Vipin Kumar Niranjan (205118085)
Kunal Bhavshar (205118030)

OSOC Website:

OSOC Wordpress:

OSOC Facebook: @osoc.nitt


Aayaam is the Hindi Literary and Cultural Society of National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli. The idea of having such a forum was conceived by Hemant Kumar, Anirudh Roy, and Rahul Gadewadikar. As an outcome of their efforts, Madhushala - an online portal on the intranet of NIT Tiruchirappalli, came into existence during 2004-05. This portal was primarily dedicated to the people who were willing to contribute towards Hindi Literature. This literary group was the first of its kind in Tamil Nadu and the whole of South India, where Hindi is not widely spoken. The motive behind establishing Aayaam was to promote the love for Hindi in Trichy in general and NIT Trichy in particular. It provides a common platform to all the Hindi speaking people to make their voice heard on a mass scale, in form of their literary works. It is a platform for those who admire Hindi literature and want to bring forward their creativity in story writing, poem composition or any form of composition in Hindi. This Student's Society aims at keeping the elegance of the national language, Hindi, blossoming in NITT. Having won numerous competitions outside the college, the members are brimming with confidence as they organize the Hindi literary competitions at the inter-college level in the College Cultural Festival, Festember, apart from celebrating cultural events like Holi etc.

Activities of Aayaam

  • Festember - Hindi Events
  • Umang - An Inter College Fest
  • NITT's biannual Hindi magazine "Pratibimb"
  • Hindi Literary Competitions at inter-college and intra-college Levels.
  • Hindi Section of The Pirrean Spring, NITT's Official Hindi Magazine.
  • Dandiya Night
  • Holi Hungama

Alumni Final Year Second Year
Dan Rawat(205116010) Sanjeev Keshri(205117001) Disha Raj(205118017)
Suraj Lakra(205116014) Shaikha Khan(205117002) Jay Singh Gaud(205118026)
Nidhi Dhote(205116024) Bandana Mishra(205117011) Mohit Dixit(205118040)
Shivani Sahu(205116029) Simran Shukla(205117023) Rohit Bairagi(205118059)
Akansha Farkya(205116032) Neha Majlikar(205117025) Sakshi Rai(205118064)
Shruti Vyas(205116033) Swati Mishra(205117027) Sefiya Khan(205118068)
Preeti Yadav(205116039) Advait Shastri(205117041) Sonu Sitole(205118073)
Harmit Singh Bhatia(205116063) Lokesh Sharma(205117052) Surya Prakash Parmar(205118076)
Vivek Robin(205116083) Mrinal Gautam(205117055) Sweekriti Singh(205118079)

Aayaam’s website is the perfect platform to showcase one’s Hindi literary talent and interact with similar people. On the other hand, it’ll prove as space for the Hindi lovers to read the creations of the budding talents as well as other interesting articles. Once in full swing, it can become a networking site for all the Hindi lovers. Such a forum will be one of its kind in the “world wide web” which will not only promote Hindi but also social causes in its own way. The write-ups put up on the website might be an eye-opening experience for many.

Aayaam's Website :


The PCC stands for Parallel Computing Club. The technical club involves spreading awareness of Parallel Computing using latest hardware like NVIDIA GPUs and popular processors along with software like Matlab, C, C++ etc. The work involves providing innovative solutions to various problems by developing them in our technical labs.

Alumni Final Years Second Year
Dimple Maheshwari (205116060) Mrinal Gautam (205117055) Sukhlal Ahirwar (205118074)
Mohd. Ateek (205116077) Advait Shastri (205117041) Hardik Jain (205118020)
Pankaj Chandel (205116082) Jitender Yadav (205117019) Sweekriti Singh (205118079)
Rahul Nama (205116079) Jyoti Uikey (205117008) Himanshu Shinde (205118024)
Rakshit G Dwaram (216216025) Ronit Kumar (205117078) Saurabh Kumar Sharma (205118067)
Santosh Hammad (205116068) Reshma Mohane (205117048) Mahesh Kumar (205118036)
Suraj Bhan Singh (205116004) Ishan Neel(216217017) Soham (216218023)
Raj Kumar (216217010) Pavitthiraa (216218015)
Avinash Kumar Pandey (216218006)
Tonmoy Golder (216218024)

The Ogma

With our generation moving towards earning a handsome living and preparing ourselves to stand against myriad competencies of this world, THE OGMA stands to affirm to introduce and make familiar the etiquettes and ethics of a professional environment. THE OGMA is an initiative pledged to bring out the best possible characters out of an individual where we do not develop anyone's personality, we bring forth what they have hidden beneath those layers of demure.⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Activities of The Ogma

  • Personality Development
  • Communication Skills Enhancement Workshops
  • Departmental Magazines
  • Group Discussion Forum
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Empathy
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership
  • Team Work

Staff Advisor : Dr. Satyaraj Venkatesan
Alumni Final Year Second Year Designations
Vikas Mangnani (205116018) Advait Shastri(205117041)(Convenor) Ankur Jain (205118009) President
Toshiyani Powar (205116061) Kshitiz Arora (205117057) Sonu Sitole (205118073) Over All Co-ordinator
Hrithik Chauhan (205116034) Aman(205117007) Palash Shukla (205118047) Treasurer
Vivek Robin Kujur (205116083) Akshay Dhote (205117042) Swapnil Gupta (205118077) Technical Incharge
Priya Iyer (205117054) Vaibhav Vikas (205118081) Chief Editor
Kunal Bhavsar (205118030) Coordinator
Nikki Singh (205118044) Editor

Visit us at:-


ConnectNIT is a mission aimed at sending out a clarion call to the possessors of the best brains in the country who proudly have the NITs dispersed across India as their alma mater, to unite under this common banner.

ConnectNIT provides services like News, Events, Academic Resources, Quiz, Picture and Video galleries, AIEEE information, Discussion forums, Projects information etc...

Vijay S (205108053)
Aparna Chugh (205109056)
Ashok Kumar S (205109064)
Sonal Maheshwari (205109081)


Softrec is the alumni association of the MCA department. It stands for Students of REC Trichy. It is an association which maintains a worldwide interaction between the previous batches and the present batches. Softrec organizes guest lectures by the alumni to impart the knowledge of the latest IT trends in the industry to the students. It also organizes regular meetings of the alumni with the present batch.Softrec doesn't only meet for studies, it also organizes various trips and sports activities during the year. The main sports event organized by Softrec is SPIELMAC.Softrec also runs a trust by the name of RECTMACT to help needy students financially for their studies.

Alumni Final Year Designation
Rahul Sharma (205116012) Jitender Yadav (205117019) Chairperson
Shivangi Gupta (205116022) Ankita Gupta (205117003) RECTMACT Chairperson
Bharat Bhushan (205116069) Varsha Patidar (205117047) Treasurer
Nishi Kumari (205116005) Sumit Kumar Nayak (205117083) Softtimes Editor & Website Designer
Raju Barmahalia (205116026) Priyanka Kaushal (205117016) Coordinator
Dharmender Lodhi (205117018) Softech Incharge

Second Year
Harsh Bhadoria (205118022)
Himanshu Shinde (205118024)
Jayesh Menghani (205118025)
Mamta Patidar (205118037)
Richa Agarwal (205118057)
Ritu Parmar (205118058)
Uma Mahesh (205118083)
Vipin Kumar Niranjan (205118085)

Events conducted by SOFTREC :-
It is a 10-day intra -departmental sports meet conducted in odd semester where the students indulge in number of indoor and
outdoor games with great enthusiasm. Also, alumni from different batches come to encourage the students and interact with them.
Annual General Meet:-
It is a one-day gathering of the faculties, alumni and students to present the awards to the winners of spielmac. Also, there is a
summarisation of all the events and activities conducted throughout the year.
Alumni Meet:-
Alumni of different batches come together to celebrate their 25th anniversary every year.


The ORA (Operations Research Association) was formed by students of M.SC (Operations Research) from the Dept. of Mathematics And Computer Applications in 1987. ORA was born with the vision of creating an awareness about the practical applications of Operations Research. When M.Sc.(OR) was changed to M.Sc.(OR & CA), ORA was renamed OPERA and then was changed to ORECAA (Operations REsearch and Computer Application Association). The Association conducts various guest lectures and seminars through the course of enhance the theoretical and practical knowledge of students. ORECAA has taken up the task of promoting Operations Research as a career option and making students aware of this fact by organising the annual symposium called "OPTIMA". Apart from these activities, the association has undertaken several other activities for social welfare. For example, In the year (2001), they sent a big amount for the Gujrat Relief Fund. The Association is also planning to bring out an yearly Magazine "OPTIMAM" which will contain the on-going work and development about Operations Reseach Field and its need in various organisations.

Designation Second Years First Years
Librarian Rekha G


Students Coordinator Arun Kumar T
Secretary Nithya N, Lakshmi Devi S
Treasurer Akilandeswari V.S.
Executive Committee Member Nithya S, Chandrakala E


The Tech Excel club initiated on 2017 under the guidance of Dr. S.R. Balasundaram. The club focuses on the sharing of information, enthusiasm and techniques acquired by final year students throughout their life related to computer science and related academics. The activities involve taking 1 hr class by one 3rd year student on Saturday and Sunday each week for 2nd year MCA and 1st year MCA. The plans and objective of each class is shared beforehand. The class involves content deliverance, interactive question discussions and doubt clearing. The club activity is improving the academics and technical perception and encourages students to be helpful and share their knowledge.

Key Members
Shubham Jain (205115003)
Christ Prateek Prasanna Xaxa (205115019)