Course Plan (Internal Server)

A course plan serves as a roadmap for both educators and students, outlining the structure, objectives, and content of a particular academic course. It delineates the sequence of topics to be covered, learning outcomes to be achieved, assessment methods, and any supplementary materials or resources. The course plan provides clarity and direction for both faculty and students, ensuring that educational goals are effectively communicated and attained. By articulating the scope and sequence of the course, a course plan helps faculty organize their teaching materials, lectures, and assignments in a coherent manner, thereby fostering a conducive learning environment. Moreover, it enables students to understand what is expected of them, how their progress will be evaluated, and how the course content aligns with their academic or professional aspirations. Ultimately, a thoughtfully crafted course plan enhances the overall quality of education by promoting transparency, accountability, and effective learning outcomes.

For departmentwide course plans (UD and PG), kindly refer :
(Internal sever only)