Important Dates

Sl.No Details Date
1. Class Work Commences for B. Tech I, III, V, VII semesters 21.07.2008
2. Class Commences for B.Arch I, III, V, VII, IX semesters 21.07.2008
3. Last date for Course Registration for B.Tech III, V, VII semesters 25.07.2008
4. Last date for Course Registration for B.Arch / III, V, VII, IX semesters 25.07.2008
5. Class Commences for M. Tech (III semester) 21.07.2008
6. Reporting date for M. Tech (I semester) 06.08.2008
7. Reporting date for MS & Ph.D (I semester) 06.08.2008
8. Course Registration for M.Tech (I semester) 11.08.2008
9. Last date for Course Registration for M.S / Ph.D (I semester) 11.08.2008
10. Schedule for seeing valued answer scripts (All programmes) 21st -25th July ‘08


1. Students are requested to pay the institute fees before the date of course registration.
2. Registration will be cancelled on failure to pay the Institute fees within the stipulated time.
3. Students are requested to register for the courses by logging in their MIS account and submit the printed form with the signature of the Faculty / HOD to the Department office on the day of registration itself.
4. Students who fail to register for courses within the deadline, shall be struck of the rolls and examination results will not be processed.