Academic Bank of Credits (ABC)

The Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) serves as a pivotal platform facilitating the seamless mobility of students across various Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). By embracing a Credit Based System, ABC empowers students to transfer their acquired skills and experiences effortlessly, ensuring their educational journey remains fluid and adaptable. Through ABC, students can accumulate credits for their academic endeavors, which can be transferred or utilized across different institutions, enabling them to pursue diverse educational pathways without unnecessary barriers. This innovative approach not only fosters flexibility and choice but also promotes the integration of practical experiences into academic frameworks, enriching students' learning journeys and preparing them more comprehensively for their future endeavors.

APAAR, which stands for Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry, is a specialized identification system designed for all students in India. This initiative is part of the 'One Nation, One Student ID' program launched by the Union government, aligning with the new National Education Policy of 2020.

The APAAR/ABC ID acts as a link to DigiLocker, an online repository, where students securely store essential documents like exam results. Linked to the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) via the APAAR/ABC ID, it receives academic credits from institutions through the National Academic Depository. This streamlines authentication for admissions or job applications, simplifying the verification of academic records.

APAAR ensures accountability and transparency in education by tracking student progress and streamlining academic records. It enhances efficiency, combats fraud, and includes co-curricular achievements for holistic student development. With multiple use cases, APAAR facilitates a smooth transfer process and supports data-driven decision-making in educational institutions. It also enables students to easily share their academic records for enhanced access to opportunities.

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