Vision, Mission, Core Values and Goals

NIT Tiruchirappalli, through its Vision, Mission and Core Values, defines herself as: 
An Indian institution with world standards
A global pool of talented students, committed faculty and conscientious researchers
Responsive to real-world problems and, through a synergy of education and research, engineer a better society


  • To be a university globally trusted for technical excellence where learning and research integrate to sustain society and industry.


  • To offer undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and modular programmes in multi-disciplinary / inter-disciplinary and emerging areas.
  • To create a converging learning environment to serve a dynamically evolving society.
  • To promote innovation for sustainable solutions by forging global collaborations with academia and industry in cutting-edge research.
  • To be an intellectual ecosystem where human capabilities can develop holistically.

Core Values:


Honest in intention, fair in evaluation, transparent in deeds and ethical in our personal and professional conduct that stands personal and public scrutiny.


Commitment to continuous improvement coupled with a passion for innovation that drives the pursuit of the best practices; while achievement is always acknowledged, merit will always be recognized.


Building capacity through trust in others’ abilities and cultivating respect as the cornerstone of collective effort.


No one left behind; no one neglected; none forgotten in the mission of nation-building through higher learning.


International Accreditation and Ranking in tertiary education largely guide goal-setting. The perception built by the stakeholders, crucially influence the process of repositioning. Benchmarking with global universities who are in the top 200 in world rankings in terms of teaching, innovation and research, funding and internationalisation. Hence, the need to set the following goals:

  • Attracting top talent and global collaborations
  • Building world-class research infrastructure to facilitate multi- / inter- / trans-disciplinary research
  • Initiatives towards financial sustainability
  • Social outreach activities of national / international importance
  • Top 10 in India ranking in Engineering Discipline
  • Top 500 in World Ranking in five years

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