Does magnetic therapy using a magnet to improve blood circulation work?

No. Because our body is composed of nonmagnetic substances whose net effect on magnetic field is negligible. Even if  para component is present,  translational motion is not possible due to localized ions. In short, whatever be the magnetic effect induced with a massive magnetic field will remain localized and very very feeble and hence will not have any effect on your health.

Does water softening using a magnet work in your home?

No. Even if some paramagnetic ions are present in water, a very large field is required to cause an alignment. As water by itself is diamagnetic, the application of large field would induce a large diamagnetic effect and hence the claim that ions can be separated using a magnet is false.

Does dowsing using a Y stick able to locate water source?

No. A nonmagnetic stick to find a nonmagnetic substance underneath? No way. Dowsing depends on prediction and probability of the person who holds the stick. Muscle movements in your parm makes the Y rod to rotate.

Is Bermuda triangle a reality?

There is no witchcraft in Bermuda triangle. Considering the weather and sea conditions the Bermuda triangle is a highly susceptible region for accidents for any traveller. No magnetic field is pulling your ship or plane.

Does planet alignment influence our life?

No. In fact earth's magnetic field itself varies from place to place.  A planet's magnetic field resides with itself and does not reach us. Even strong fields such as those in permanent magnets does not affect us.The solar magnetic field changes only affect electronic gadgets.

 Can animals perceive magnetic field?

Unless a clear connection between the magnetic field  response and electrical stimulus is established in animals, magnetoreception shall remain as a hypothesis.