Projects & Patents

Sponsored Research Projects Completed / in progress

1. Co-ordinator for the AICTE sponsored R&D project on " Diffusion bonding in superalloys", Rs 7 lakhs;1999-2001. This project had been graded "A" (Excellent) during the annual monitoring exercise.

2. Co-Coordinator for the CASSA,DRDO sponsored project on "Reliability studies relating to failure of aluminium 7075 alloy used in aerospace applications", Rs 1.5 lakhs: 1999-2000.

3. Guide for the student project "Analysis of diffusion bonding by FEM" sponsored by Tamil Nadu State Council for Science & Technology,2000-2001, Rs 8000.

4. Co-Cordinator for the AR&DB sponsored R & D project on " Development of Diffusion Bonding of (i) Ti-6Al-4V with Ti-6Al-4V, (ii) INCO 718 with INCO 718 and (iii) Ti-6Al-4V with INCO 718", Rs 8.8 lakhs, 2002-2004.

5. Co-ordinator for the AICTE sponsored R&D project on " Development of Diffusion bonding of Ti-6Al-4V with a nickel based superalloy IN 718", Rs 7 lakhs;2003-2005.

6. Co-ordinator for the DRDO sponsored project on " Deformation Studies of Armour Steel under Medium Strain Rates", Rs 16.13 lakhs ; 2003 - 2005.

7. Co-ordinator for the IISU-ISRO, Trivandrum sponsored project on "Requirement and specifications for the development and realisation of bonding of INVAR with magnetic materials using vacuum diffusion bonding technology", Rs 4.5 lakhs ; 2003 –2005

8. Co-ordinator for the DRDO sponsored project on " Manufacture Of Hollow Cylinder In YBCO By Hot Pressing under Superplastic Condition", Rs 14.9 lakhs ; 2006 – 2008 9. Co-Coordinator for the ARDB sponsored project on “ Development of Ultrasonic Method for Assuring Reliability of Components Manufactured by Diffusion Bonding” Rs 43.775 lakhs; 2007-2010. 10. Co -Coordinator for the DST sponsored project on “Development of Iron based Multicomponent and Nanodispersed Bulk Metallic Glasses through Mechanical Alloying for Industrial Applications ", Rs 24.7 lakhs ; 2007 – 2010. 11. Co-ordinator for the DRDO sponsored project on "Development of nanostructured and bimodal nanostructured Aluminium alloys by Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD)”,Rs 25.85 lakhs ; 2008 – 2011. 12. Co-PI for the Navel Research Board (NRB) sponsored project on “ Friction stir processing of similar and Dissimilar Fusion Welds of Aluminium alloys used in Naval applications”, Rs 13.056 lakhs ; 2008-2010. 

13. PI for the Net working project under UGC NETWORKING RESOURCE CENTRE FOR MATERIALS, Department of Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Rs 0.8 lakhs. Networking partner: Dr. SATYAM SUWAS, Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore- 560 012

14. Co-PI for the DRDO sponsored project on “Development of light weight in situ Metal Intermetallic Laminates for Defence Applications ", Rs 56.15 lakhs; 2011 – 2014 

15. PI for the project to DST on “Consolidation of mechanically alloyed5083 aluminium nano composites by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP)” – Rs 35 lakhs – 2012-2016.

16. Co-PI for the DST project on “ Development of nano structured magnesium silicide thermo electric materials by spark plasma sintering and evaluation of electric power generation from thermal system” Rs 25.38 lakhs; 2015-2018

17. Co-PI for the Department of Science & Technology (India) and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Russia) project on “Corrosion and wear resistant ceramic composite coatings on reactor grade zircaloys by plasma electrolytic oxidation for nuclear Fuel cladding applications” Rs 19.27 lakhs; 2017-2019

 18. Co-PI for the DRDO (ER&IPR) sponsored project on “Fabrication of Corrosion and Wear Resistant Ceramic Composite Coatings on High Strength Al Alloys by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation for Defence Applications" Rs 35.285 lakhs; 2017-2020.

Total Value Rs: 360.906 lakhs