Unit I

Mechanisms. Classification of mechanisms. Kinematic inversions. Grashoff's law. Inversions of slider crank mechanism. Coupler curves. Spatial mechanisms. Straight line generators.

Unit II

Slider crank mechanisms and four bar mechanism. Velocities of points on a rigid body. Relative velocity. Velocity polygon. Acceleration of points on a rigid body. Relative acceleration. Acceleration polygon. Coriolis acceleration. Analytical method .

Unit III

Chebyshev spacing for precision positions. Structural error Overlay method. Complex curve synthesis. Roberts chebyshev theorem. Frudenstine's equation. Analytical synthesis using complex algebra. Synthesis of dwell mechanism.

Unit IV

Classification of cam and follower. Displacement diagrams. Graphical layouts of cam profiles. Derivatives of follower motion . High speed cams standard motions. Plate cams with flat face and roller followers.

Unit V

Terminology and definitions. Law of gearing. Profile for gears. Involute gearing. Interchangeability. Interference and undercutting. Contact ratio. Standard and sub gear teeth. Contact ratio. Gear trains. Types. Parallel axis gear trains. Epicyclic gear trains.


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